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55792 Ghost Sightings as of 9/29/2016

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
- I was recently in Jim Thorpe. My mother in law and I took my kids there. We took a tour of the jail, my daughter kept bugging me to go up to the second level where there were more cells and when I got to the top of the steps I needed to go back down.
I had tightness in my chest as if someone was ...

Lexington, North Carolina
- We live in an old farmhouse outside of Lexington, on the edge of welcome. In the two months we have been here, both bedroom and bathroom doors (with hook latches, not modern knob locks) have been getting locked from the inside (with no one in them! ) on a regular basis.
We've had to take the door...

Nixa, Missouri
- Here is the Indian in fire pic. It is hard to see but there is even a stamp/seal in the lower right corner from the Nixa fire dept. I bought it when they were selling copies as a fund raiser. The story I got was ''a picture of an Indian chief, on a horse, with a hawk on his hand, standing in a fire ...
Cadott, Wisconsin
- When the bathroom of the Cornell public library was in the basement, people were terrified to go down there. When Cornell was a Mill City, it used to be the town hall, and the basement used to be a jail.
A few prisoners died in the basement, so many people think it is haunted. Now, the bathroom i...

Portage, Indiana
- One night my friend and I were in the living room and we were watching a movie. When my friend had to go to the bathroom she left the room and I got this weird feeling. When she came back we took pics of the hallway and we got some freaky stuff on it, this is what we got....


Little Rock, Arkansas - I work at the Starbucks across the street from Barnes and Noble in West Little Rock. I'm not a big believer in ghosts but one day when I was by the ic...

Granite City, Illinois - I too lived on Pershing when I was 7- 10 my mother was newly married my step father started drinking a lot then he would creep into me and my sisters ...

Sumner, Washington - I lived with my grandmother near the river on Riverside Road in 1983. When I was about 12 an old man had drowned in the river trying to fish. After th...

Points, West Virginia - There is an old red barn from the four way stop you go towards Slanesville about a mile down the road and on the right there is a road that goes on to...

Springfield, Missouri - I'm having some weird thing happen in my house, I just move here in August.... Well my son's toys would come on by themselves. Ceiling fan would just ...

Brooklyn, Maryland - Grew up on Pope late 70 early 80 . Rocking chair would rock by itself upstairs while we were downstairs . Pants with belt buckle would clang very loud...

Ben Franklin, Texas - We were riding our motorcycles about 6 pm on September 28 2016. We decided to ride towards the Ben Franklin post office. We stopped and looked north t...

Destin, Florida - I was swimming in the ocean an saw things in the distance. I then started seeing what it was. Two people were walking on the water. I stayed put and t...

Warren, Michigan - Has a anybody been in apartment 3 of Rose Garden and seen a white old woman walking in one of the rooms on the right hand side....

M C B H Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii - I haven't been to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii since I was 2 and a half, but I remember my experiences. I lived on the first floor of the old duplex on Manning...

Adrian, Michigan - I work at the local Shoe Carnival in the city. Since I've been there I've felt very uneasy, especially at night. There's a strange presence on the pro...

West Plains, Missouri - I know this is going to sound stupid, but a couple friends and I were camping in my grandparents' backyard. We started goofing around and telling each...

Battle Creek, Michigan - About fifteen years ago my family lived in a home located on Capital Avenue SW. The four years we lived there I had quite a few experiences. Up until ...

Branson, Missouri - This story took place in August 2014 at a flea market store across from Dick's in Branson. My wife and I had finished lunch and were visiting the loca...

South Pekin, Illinois - When I was about six I had multiple encounters with a young ''girl. '' My family and myself had moved in to the house just the year prior. (It was bui...

San Marcos, California - I lived a couple of blocks from Lake San Marcos for four months in 2006, and I had just turned twenty that August. I was renting a room from an older ...

Mascot, Tennessee - I finally paid for my mother's tomb stone for her grave; she died in March of last year. My father has been dead for over fifteen years. I am thirty-f...

Caribou, Maine - Hi, I wanted to tell you what happened to me. It happened in Caribou, Maine. We moved there a few years ago, and I have my room upstairs. An older man...

Campo, California - I work in Campo, San Diego County, California. It is located about fifty miles east of San Diego along Highway 94. It is the site of the Old Camp Lock...

Hornbeck, Louisiana - I have had many ghost experiences. I have seen the ghost of a middle-aged woman. Her hair is in a bun; she wears an old middle-aged dress. I have seen...

Melrose, Ohio - We moved to Oakwood when I was going into seventh grade. The whole area seems closed off from the rest of town, one of those Midwest suburbs that want...

Copeville, Texas - Twenty some odd years ago, when I was very small something happened that shook me through to my spine. I remember it vividly. I lived on what is a dea...

Williamson, New York - In East Williamson there once was a beautiful Dutch windmill on Ridge Road. It stood at the center of a fork in the road. The mill was first built as ...

Careywood, Idaho - Careywood has history I am not sure of and have been trying to find something about it. My brothers and I live out in the country about a mile from th...

Anadarko, Oklahoma - At around 2:00 am on a cool October near full moon morning while sleeping warmly in my warm farm house bed I was awoken by the sounds of coyotes screa...

Shreve, Ohio - The silo located in the Kill Buck Marsh, just located off SR 83 north of Millersburg is haunted. The silo is on the north side before you get to the w...

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Wichita Mountains - Oklahoma
Large Star Trek or Pontiac car logo shaped object blocked the rain above us as it sat unseen and silent for about 2-3 mins. Before making itself visib...

Rochester - New York
In Greece NY I was standing on Howedale Drive about 8 pm. I was in August and was still daylight. I was looking toward Lake Ontario and stared at wha...

Danville - Indiana
It was a triangle UFO and I saw it through the trees at first and the second I saw it I knew it was not just some plane. Then it slowly hovered over t...


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Manchester, Michigan - If you don't know yet the original Manchester cemetery is in that area. There are 41 confirmed peopl...

Georgetown, South Carolina - Creepy!!!!!....

Fayetteville, Tennessee - My friend and I went to the cemetery in August 2016. As we were walking around looking at the headst...

Puyallup, Washington - What Street? ! ? I live in Eatonville and I would like an interview....

Mayer, Minnesota - Monicaschultz039 @gmail. com....

Ben Wheeler, Texas - We are renting a house in Ben Wheeler and I have heard whispering seen a shadowy something pacing in...

Corona, California - I think I know that house it's by the freeway right?....

Paducah, Kentucky - In 70 S 1007 Boyd Street on the north side of Paducah....

Tunnel Hill, Georgia - This is actually my favorite ghost story of Tunnel Hill....

Lakewood, Ohio - Michelle what is the address. If you know let us know....

Central Falls, Rhode Island - Was that at St. Elizabeth or which school?....

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