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Natchez, Mississippi
- I have experienced a sighting in Natchez, MS. A strange figure that I saw once was seen again last week. This figure is of a blue girl in the Natchez Cemetery. Me and my aunt were taking pictures of a grave and in the background it kept appearing in the distance. We zoomed and in was a young girl ab...

Onawa, Iowa
- Zoom in and look at bottom of picture. On right side, small child, maybe Asian, you can see his hand up to the car window also. To the right of him is a skeleton face with large eyes. And to the right of the skeleton is a ghoul looking face.
This was a picture taken at what the people call ''Sere...

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
- This image appeared in a photograph of a house I rented. The smoke was from my cigarette. I took the photo because the ventilation was poor in the house and when I enlarged the photo there was an image of a man. The house is just outside of Clarks Summit in Scott Township....


Skipperville, Alabama - My encounter happened in the 1980s probably around about 89. Me and my cousins live in Clayton and we used to ride to Ozark on the weekends to eat at ...

Hailey, Idaho - On the morning after the first snowfall every year if you go up in the mountains to the west you can see boot prints in the snow. They look like any o...

Macon, Mississippi - I live on Lawrence Street and the other day I went out for a walk in the woods behind my house. As I was walking there I heard what sounded like an ol...

Poland, Maine - I have a place in Otisfield off Rt 121. A couple of years ago my sister in-law and her friend came rushing in just back from the Casco AG. It was pour...

Mc Kee, Kentucky - In 1963 man named Ed Pringle crashed his car at the main intersection on his way through town. He seemed OK and he was able to continue his journey wi...

Annandale, New Jersey - Center Street is sometimes visited by an old city worker who died in the 1970s. He fixed broken streetlights and such and is said to have had an obses...

West Long Branch, New Jersey - Not many people here seem to know about the Franklin Lake ghost. He's the ghost of Dan Connor who drowned in the lake, he was drunk and fell in and dr...

Salem, Wisconsin - At the corner of Antioch and 83 is a gas station with a small lawn separating it from the street. That lawn was the scene of a murder in the 1920s whe...

Windsor, Virginia - I lived in a popular neighborhood in the town of Windsor and I had several supernatural experiences and they continuously got worse. It started affect...

Indian Head, Maryland - One summer day in 2011 I was walking around the woods in the Potomac heights to go to the river and explore and I saw a group of people dressed as Nat...

Buckeye, Arizona - I've lived in Buckeye for 5-6 years I think. I've had many ghost encounters in my life but the few I've had here in Buckeye is I was sitting on my bed...

Burgaw, North Carolina - Just last night I was sitting on my porch when all of a sudden I heard a horse full gallop cut through my yard. I could feel the vibrations and then a...

Williamsport, Pennsylvania - My aunt lived on the north side of Tucker St between Grove and Railway back in the 70s (can't remember the exact address but I remember there was a bi...

Murrieta, California - My old school was definitely haunted! One particular day after school, I was in my mom's classroom with my brother and my friends, whose mom is also a...

Duluth, Minnesota - My dad used to live in the Duluth/Superior area, and my older brother still lives there. I have had many things happen to me. Once when I was younger ...

Harrison, Michigan - As a child of 14 I lived for a short time in an old white farmhouse across from a small lake on Grant Road. I lived with four other children and my mo...

Alba, Missouri - In the White House down the street from the old Alba store that I once lived in strange little things started to happen. The first thing was I was nex...

Lake Villa, Illinois - I grew up in an old house in Lake Villa, and I could go on and on with the weird stuff that happened over my life growing up there. We have had doors ...

Redding, California - I moved into my current address about almost four months ago and have heard several weird unexplainable sounds. I awoke last night and saw a movement....

Cary, Illinois - My experience happened years ago from October 1978 through July 1979. Not in Cary but in nearby Oakwood Hills. We bought a house in October 1978. It w...

Biglerville, Pennsylvania - During a heavy downpour of rain. I found myself driving down an empty road on the outskirts of Biglerville, PA. I saw someone walking in the rain, and...

Visalia, California - When I was about eight our family moved into its first home on Santa Fe and Tulare. It was quite nice and had a lot of space, so we were happy. About ...

Plant City, Florida - I frequently visit relatives who live in the Walden Lakes Development in Plant City. The back patio area includes a screened-in pool. If I'm up at nig...

Stockbridge, Georgia - I did not have an encounter with these spirits. I lived with them for four years. In my home there were SEVERAL encounters my family and I had. If you...

Fort Irwin, California - We were stationed at Ft. Irwin in 2008 before my husband was medically discharged. We lived on Monmouth Street at the end of it close to the school. N...

Pueblo, Colorado - I rented a duplex on Berkley Avenue in Pueblo and immediately started feeling that I was living with a ghost. I would go to sleep knowing that he was ...

Hartford, Iowa - I don't have pictures, but I lived with my family in Hartford, Iowa when I was around four years old. I lived on a corner lot. The house is not there ...

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Elkhart - Indiana
I saw this set of lights moving across the sky last night a few minutes after midnight. I managed to take three halfway decent pictures of the phenome...

Vacaville - California
I saw a UFO in 1976. Big disk shaped object was hovering over the house in the middle of the night. Ran out to look and it swished away like a flash. ...

South Gate - California
Ok by now everyone has heard of the UFO sighting last night. Well I managed to take a picture of it. Not the best picture perhaps but as far as I know...


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Lithia, Florida - That's not the story. A little girl hanged herself at the bridge. Her ghost can be seen after midnig...

Fort Stockton, Texas - I'm sorry I don't see a thing in this picture....

Gilbert, Arizona - What the address cause I lived on that street 4 years ago. I lived at 576 E Jasper Dr....

Northumberland, Pennsylvania - Hi I live near Harrisburg, PA. I have had a gifting since 1983 since finding my mom dead in her bed ...

Allen, Texas - Everything you wrote about is the same experiences myself and family had while living in a home off ...

Florida, Paranormal Investigators and Media - I live in Lehigh Acres FL. If you still investigate and you can help my family and I. Please contact...

Cobb, California - My heart is broken! I just came across story that my son Todd wrote when I was trying to find out so...

Lowell, Massachusetts - I know this house. It had been in my family since the great depression. It was originally a 2 family...

Hemet, California - We live off Sanderson and between Menlo and Devonshire, the homes in the area. Ok, so our home is wa...

Lapeer, Michigan - I have been in contact with the dead my whole life. I have no real control over who or when they sho...

Hesperia, California - I believe ''Grandpa Ray'' just wants to be part of a ''family'' again. Sometimes we refuse to leave,...

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