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58480 Ghost Sightings as of 7/21/2017

Madras, Oregon
- This orb is unexplainable. Picture I took in my front yard. What you think it is, I can't explain it.. 2010 5th on Main St. Madras, OR....

Yonkers, New York
- One night while watching TV and text messaging on my phone I feel like someone is looking at me. When I look at window I see this face! Me and my friends tried to figure out if it could be a reflection from the computer but then on another night I see the same thing in a different window! Yikes....

Knoxville, Tennessee
- I was invited on a paranormal investigation in Knoxville. This was an ongoing investigation. The family had claims of objects moving on their own, things missing and then showing up in areas that have been searched many times.
Full bodied apparitions, and just pure terror on their part. We perfor...

Marysville, California
- My wife and I were visiting on July 4th weekend 2005, from Austin, TX. We were in WWII Veterans Memorial Park taking pictures. About a year later while looking back through photos we noticed this picture.
Upper middle of picture has the image of a face in a light purplish haze. There were no othe...

Aiken, South Carolina
- My daughter, two granddaughters and I have seen a lot of ghosts in Aiken, SC. And have witness a lot of them together. But haven't been able to prove it until now. We see them all time, I don't know why? Anyway my daughter was leaving a place on York St when she saw this woman across the street dres...


Aiken, South Carolina - It was the first day of summer I was at my house by myself. My parents were on a trip, and my siblings were all at work till 8. I was about 13 when it...

Walton, Kentucky - I have heard the stories about Willow Wood Lane in Walton Kentucky too. I think it is 1x Willowood in Walton, Kentucky that is said to be haunted with...

Eagle River, Alaska - I've been told for years the Alaska Club Eagle River is haunted by the ghost of the former store manager back when it was a grocery store and mall. Ru...

Coahoma, Texas - I was in the Coahoma Junior High gym. Then all of a sudden an electronic box that controlled the alarm started going off. Then I heard the doors open ...

Sharpsburg, Georgia - When I first moved in to my house it seemed normal. Once I was ready for school my mother took my little sister to pre-K. There was a box on my mom an...

Wausaukee, Wisconsin - I grew up in Wausaukee and some of the older people said that where the dentist office is on the corner of Railroad Division and the other street righ...

Lebanon, Tennessee - I swear this house has a presence. I feel it right here with me. This is not a nice spirit. This spirit is angry. Even the guard dog feels it....

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I used to live on Lincoln Street. They used to be many things that went on there. I lived there for 18 years and saw a lot of crazy stuff. One time hu...

Montclair, California - I've been living on Pradera Avenue for more than seventeen years, and I have experienced some strange activity since we moved here. It started as earl...

Folly Beach, South Carolina - Currently it's 2:19 am. I arrived at Folly Beach two days ago and my parents and I rented a house right on the beach. No more than 30 minutes ago I wa...

Gainesville, Georgia - I had a strange experience at a restaurant on Green Street in Gainesville, Georgia back in the mid 90s. I work for a local florist in Gainesville, and...

Mableton, Georgia - It was 1975. I was six years old. We moved into a house on Lions Club Drive. I remember it was a two-story on the corner. The fireman that was moving ...

Griffin, Georgia - I lived in an old house on West Popular Street in Griffin, GA. I was a little kid at the time and didn't really know what ghosts even were. Though I d...

Fennville, Michigan - Fifty-six years ago I lived on Rural Route 2 in Fennville, MI in a haunted house. I was only ten years old. Before we moved in you could feel the spir...

Caribou, Maine - Hi, I wanted to tell you what happened to me. It happened in Caribou, Maine. We moved there a few years ago, and I have my room upstairs. An older man...

Campo, California - I work in Campo, San Diego County, California. It is located about fifty miles east of San Diego along Highway 94. It is the site of the Old Camp Lock...

Hornbeck, Louisiana - I have had many ghost experiences. I have seen the ghost of a middle-aged woman. Her hair is in a bun; she wears an old middle-aged dress. I have seen...

Melrose, Ohio - We moved to Oakwood when I was going into seventh grade. The whole area seems closed off from the rest of town, one of those Midwest suburbs that want...

Copeville, Texas - Twenty some odd years ago, when I was very small something happened that shook me through to my spine. I remember it vividly. I lived on what is a dea...

Williamson, New York - In East Williamson there once was a beautiful Dutch windmill on Ridge Road. It stood at the center of a fork in the road. The mill was first built as ...

Careywood, Idaho - Careywood has history I am not sure of and have been trying to find something about it. My brothers and I live out in the country about a mile from th...

Anadarko, Oklahoma - At around 2:00 am on a cool October near full moon morning while sleeping warmly in my warm farm house bed I was awoken by the sounds of coyotes screa...

Shreve, Ohio - The silo located in the Kill Buck Marsh, just located off SR 83 north of Millersburg is haunted. The silo is on the north side before you get to the w...

Ben Franklin, Texas - We own about forty acres in Ben Franklin. There is an old house built in the late 1890s that is on the back of our property. Upon going into this hous...

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Wauseon - Ohio
We would visit a farm that my sister her husband and kids rented in Pettisville Ohio. It must have been around 1970 and when my brother in law came h...

Roosevelt - Utah
I don't know what's going on in the Roosevelt area but from the sound of it something about that location is just not right. There was this incident ...

Somerville - Massachusetts
July 6 2017 5:00 AM. Bizarre stationary contrail like cloud roughly 80 degrees to the horizon that after a few minutes continued skyward and disapp...


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Cambridge, Ohio - The house I'm talking about is on the corner of N 7th and Brookside. It's a brick house with brown c...

Chincoteague Island, Virginia - We were at a house on the island with a swimming pool. Not sure if it's the same house, but pots and...

Bakersfield, California - The lay of the house sounds really similar to the house I am looking at buying. Can you please email...

Fancy Gap, Virginia - I have learned you can see a dim light like a lantern or candle glows in an upstairs window where th...

Littlefield, Texas - I went to the old primary building... It was haunted by many spirits.. I remember it like it was yes...

Takoma Park, Maryland - If there is a slight haze in the air there will be water droplets in the air and this is what they l...

South Dartmouth, Massachusetts - There are many stories of ghost animals. ''black dogs'' are usually not a good thing; unless you or ...

Fort Payne, Alabama - My husband and I was coming from Valley Head area and passed the Chevrolet dealer when we saw a larg...

Greenwell Springs, Louisiana - I think I know the woods your referring too. For the longest time my family and I were afraid of tho...

Gainesville, Georgia - Hi Wade how are you? Could you please tell me the name of the restaurant that you spoke of. Do you t...

Angleton, Texas - Where is this blue house at in Angleton. Please email me at Jameseasterlingjr @yahoo. com if you kno...

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