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56824 Ghost Sightings as of 1/20/2017

Brantley, Alabama
- At Liberty Church on Lester Bell Road this picture was taken. On the right is a baby angel statue but when we took the picture there was nothing there....

Sunol, California
- I have a lot of ghosts that come and lay on me every night. I thought it was one and I took pictures to see what's touching me and I get black lines and moving orbs and faces. I see all kinds of things when they are there by me....

Poteau, Oklahoma
- Bonnie Liquor in back of building, used to be CJ Bar....
Laredo, Texas
- This happened to me last night 9/16/13. I went to see The Wolverine with my kids and husband, it was almost empty so we sat in the very last row next to the entrance of theater #7, and once the movie started like 20 min later I felt someone looking at me but I didn't turn since there could be people...

Watertown, Connecticut
- Gustafson's is definitely haunted. No doubts at all. As soon as it gets to be about 7:30 pm you'll quickly notice things are going wrong. Even if you don't see the black figures and mist and stuff you will get the worst vibes in the world....


Clarksville, Indiana - As a teenager I lived on Accrusia Avenue in Clarksville, In. It was a nightmare. It started out innocent with whispers, shadows and uncomfortable feel...

Sanford, Florida - We just moved to the Timacuan Boulevard neighborhood on the golf course. I cannot find any info about the house. All I know is that it was vacant for ...

Williams, Minnesota - I wasn't there, but I was told about it though. My aunt was about in 8th grade when she got out of bed to go to the bathroom. She said the she didn't ...

New London, Iowa - I am an abstract painter, and I moved here to New London Iowa in October 2013. This is a very small city. Myself and my girlfriend have both experienc...

Lexington, Kentucky - I think it is rare to find a haunted church, but there is one on Tates Creek Road right in the heart of the city. The building has not always been a c...

Helen, Georgia - I would love to have you visit Riverbend Motel and Cabins in Helen. Haven't seen any paranormal activity myself. However, guest/employees staying on o...

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina - There is an old cabin that now has siding on it off Cook School Road. Objects are often moved to unusual locations. Distinct footsteps can be heard on...

Sylva, North Carolina - Our production company doing a documentary January 27-30 2017. Looking for real people with real stories about road to nowhere and the Brown Mountain....

Fayette, Alabama - There is a place on the country side part of town. It is close to Walmart called Creepy Hollow. My nana said that when she was a girl she had a neighb...

Cullen, Louisiana - Does anybody know if someone died in that last brickhouse on Burnham Street! My mom stayed there, and my granddaughter saw a little white girl in a pi...

Lost Creek, Kentucky - River Caney! There is an old school building with strange running water sounds with kids playing, laughing, and singing songs. Doors slamming. Nobody ...

Ider, Alabama - Where I work you can hear people you work with talking when you're the only one there. Things randomly move, and many different ghosts can be seen and...

Tonkawa, Oklahoma - Five years ago in Ponca City I lived in a house on Pine Apartments, and we heard scary noises. Three days later we were taking pictures and spotted a ...

Danville, Pennsylvania - Today was a warmer January day then most. It was in the 40s opposed to the 20s. I decided I wanted to take a walk on the Washingtonville Trail I've wa...

Willows, California - I used to live across the street from the cemetery on the corner of E Wood and 2nd. That was the most terrifying house I've ever been in. The whole ho...

Chesapeake, Virginia - I live in the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake. Boy, do I have a story for you. I am a middle schooler, and I do not fit in very well at school. It's b...

Temple City, California - I have had about 26 ghost sittings since about 2007-2017. The first time I had an encounter was when I was about 3-5 years old. I heard about 3 kids 2...

Magalia, California - On Magnolia Drive there is a house with four swings that has haunted a girl, my friend, to an extensive length. Before she and her family moved in an ...

Baldwinville, Massachusetts - Hello. This school is now called Cottage Hill Academy. It is still opened. My family and I just bought a small horse farm behind the school. I have be...

Toledo, Oregon - When I was in my mid-teens, a friend and I were riding our bicycles down SE River Road off of Sturdevant Road on the outskirts of Toledo. It was summe...

Alleghany, California - I have been to Alleghany many times, mostly during the summer seasons to visit family and friends. I have been spooked twice in that town, once during...

Hollister, Missouri - I had lived in my mom's house for nineteen years in Hollister. While I no longer do, I have seen many things in that house. It still haunts me today. ...

Albuquerque, New Mexico - My grandfather passed away when my grandmother was bedridden after a stroke. They had never slept apart since after WW2 until grandpa fell ill. Follow...

Fordland, Missouri - Back in the mid to late 1800s there was a family who lived near Fordland. They were a normal farming family who lived near Hawkins Ford. There was als...

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - We stayed at a hotel in Myrtle Beach this past summer. When we arrived I looked in the cabinets and fridge to see what I needed to buy at the store. T...

Wellston, Ohio - I grew up in Wellston back in the 50s and 60s, in the south end out on number two hill. That is where my home was located and at one time it had been ...

Schwenksville, Pennsylvania - My husband and I bought an old hotel in Schwenksville called the Fruitville Hotel. It was pretty run down, so we totally renovated it, cleared the ove...

Marshalltown, Iowa - I just bought a house here in Marshalltown and have heard several stories about my house being haunted from neighbors and the person we bought our hou...

South Berwick, Maine - There is an old farmhouse on Old South Road, South Berwick that has many ghosts within its walls. I grew up there and had many personal encounters, no...

Ballston Spa, New York - As a person who has grown up in Ballston Spa, I would like to tell you about two of my own haunted stories. It was when I was fifteen staying at my fr...

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Porterville - California
My niece (she is a doctor) and I pulled into my mother's driveway and it was about 11:00pm. The sky was dark and still until we saw lights begin to ap...

Kopperl - Texas
2001. Masa Grande. I was outside asleep. A bright light was shining on me that woke me up. Then 2 rotating circles appeared then 4 then 8 then fill...

Waukomis - Oklahoma
The story I am about to tell you is true to the best of my knowledge. I have always been a believer in the paranormal psychic phenomena weird creatu...


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Mount Sterling, Ohio - Hello, I am a paranormal investigator with the Ghost hunters of the eastern United States. I started...

Corona, California - I never thought I would hear about the cars in the dirt like a wall. I have seen it and was also tol...

Winston Salem, North Carolina - I lived there. Absolutely can confirm....

Steelville, Missouri - Where at in Steeville, MO....

Connersville, Indiana - I knew Johnny Walker quite well and was at both his home and ''Pouting Shed'' just northwest of the ...

Woodland Hills, California - Omg... This is awesome!!!....

Cincinnati, Ohio - Do you recall the address by chance? If not approximate address?....

Wellman, Iowa - I'm inclined to say this story of Jesse James is a hoax. Same exact story is told of a barn south of...

Kirbyville, Texas - There is a family that just moved in that house about 4 or 5 months ago. I don't thank they live the...

Canton, Georgia - Hi, Katelyn. How are you? I'm Daniel. I'm the founder of Night Life Paranormal Investigations. If yo...

Washougal, Washington - I owned Hero Support, and we had things happen like items move on their own and games go off on thei...

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