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Bodega Bay, California
- Bodega Bay, CA. School house from the movie The Birds....

Syracuse, New York
- This is a photo we took inside the tunnels of the Split Rock Quarry in Syracuse, NY. It was an old munitions plant that blew up in 1918 and tragically killed 50 men, some of which were never identified or found.
My co-investigator was feeling a weird sensation / numbness on his left side of his b...

Hohenwald, Tennessee
- The ghost of Meriwether Lewis is said to be heard. It hurts to die. This can be heard in the silence of night. At the Meriwether Lewis site in the Natchez Trace. Maybe one day he will say something else to solve the mystery of his death....
Yorktown, Virginia
- Hey everybody this is about '' The Nelson House'', I'm George the owner of 757ghosthunters! This is real story and evidence caught at ''The Nelson House''. One night it was me, and 4 other investigators! We were on the back side of the Nelson House near the back door! We went up the stairs and put o...

Cedartown, Georgia
- This is at my exgirlfriend's mother's house a year after she died....


Schwenksville, Pennsylvania - I live in an old house in Schwenksville, PA. My mom, my two brothers, my stepdad, and I moved here in November. Soon after we moved in I kept getting ...

Winburne, Pennsylvania - There was a small town outside of Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, known as Wallaceton. I used to live in the house that had a post office connected to it. ...

Spring Valley, Ohio - After my great grandpa's death my mom, my siblings, and I moved up into his old home down a steep gravel road. The house itself was pretty small and o...

Rowland Heights, California - I live in LA Serena Apartments on Jellick Avenue. I live in building 1524. I know both bottom apartments experienced paranormal activities. My neighbo...

Lyman, South Carolina - I was in my kitchen late one night, making some popcorn. In between almost every 'pop!' I heard a soft 'mmm. ' At first, I thought I was imagining thi...

Whiteville, North Carolina - One windy cold night me, my mother, and her home girl were coming from Wrightsville Beach. We decided to go and take a little trip to the bridge. As w...

Columbia, Tennessee - I was walking to my friend's house with my friend. We stopped by Central High School. It was about 7:30 pm, and my friends screamed, so I looked to wh...

Bridgeton, New Jersey - Eight people lived in a house in Gouldtown on Leonard Drive on the ''horseshoe.'' The woman was previously married to man who died in a fatal car acci...

Cleveland, Georgia - I don't live in Clevelland, but in my old house there terrible things happened, and I believe maybe because of a ghost. When my mom was little and pla...

Barstow, California - The Hillside house was a one-bedroom one-bath house, but when my real estate told me to check out it was a two-bedroom two-bath house. The second bedr...

Harriman, Tennessee - The church is there along with the cemetery, but the suicide of the minister didn't happen. The same story has circulated about the church at what use...

Fortuna, California - Here in Fortuna, California there have been only about 4 ghosts flying around the old Bidwell Park near the Rolling Rink. I was thinking that maybe th...

Brookfield, New York - I lived in Waterville, NY. I saw one of the Lommis gang men. He was wearing a hat and a vest. He had spurs on his boot. I woke up, and he was standing...

Chino Hills, California - In my house on Rolling Ridge Drive we had many encounters. Me and my sister have been sharing for about a year, and we each have put stuff on a shelf,...

Yreka, California - Sierra Vista has a lot of sightings. The apartments are inbetween two graveyards. An old Chinese one and an up-to-date cemetery. Very scary and very p...

Newnan, Georgia - Has any ne heard of Cry Baby Bridge aka Cedar Creek Bridge, Roscoe Road? Supposedly there was a nasty crash off the side of bridge. A mother and her i...

Roscoe, New York - I was camping at the Russell Brook Campground. Me and my dad both saw a floating blue orb that floated in a straight line then disappeared. It still d...

Whiteville, North Carolina - I was going to Heartbeat Bridge with my friends and turned my car off, and my car flew back. I broke down on the same street, and I heard beat beat be...

Smyrna, Delaware - Me and my 4 other siblings lived on East Commerce Street in Smyrna, and we have all had experiences of the paranormal. One story is all of us kids and...

Sweeny, Texas - When I was in junior high at Sweeny (late 90's) my mom, my sister, and I lived in my great grandmother's old house on Hackberry Street where Avenue B ...

Cottage Grove, Oregon - So this happened Sunday morning September 27, 2015 on Meyer Road off Sears Road near Saginaw. What did I see this morning? I was driving my paper rout...

Arlington Heights, Illinois - I have lived in the same house for 17 years. I have seen traces of movement in the hallway by my bedroom for years, and I just accepted it may be a sp...

Lerona, West Virginia - My girlfriend, brother, and I were heading to Bulls Falls, the river that connects to Bluestone Lake. We got about a mile or maybe two on a road calle...

Brookville, Pennsylvania - My brother is going to hate me, but the farmhouse we grew up in had a fairly malicious being inhabiting it. I never believed in spirits until my broth...

Ocoee, Florida - I moved to Ocoee from Kentucky in November of 2010. I applied for and was approved for an apartment before making the trip, and when I got there the a...

Mascot, Tennessee - I finally paid for my mother's tomb stone for her grave; she died in March of last year. My father has been dead for over fifteen years. I am thirty-f...

Caribou, Maine - Hi, I wanted to tell you what happened to me. It happened in Caribou, Maine. We moved there a few years ago, and I have my room upstairs. An older man...

Campo, California - I work in Campo, San Diego County, California. It is located about fifty miles east of San Diego along Highway 94. It is the site of the Old Camp Lock...

Hornbeck, Louisiana - I have had many ghost experiences. I have seen the ghost of a middle-aged woman. Her hair is in a bun; she wears an old middle-aged dress. I have seen...

Melrose, Ohio - We moved to Oakwood when I was going into seventh grade. The whole area seems closed off from the rest of town, one of those Midwest suburbs that want...

Copeville, Texas - Twenty some odd years ago, when I was very small something happened that shook me through to my spine. I remember it vividly. I lived on what is a dea...

Williamson, New York - In East Williamson there once was a beautiful Dutch windmill on Ridge Road. It stood at the center of a fork in the road. The mill was first built as ...

Careywood, Idaho - Careywood has history I am not sure of and have been trying to find something about it. My brothers and I live out in the country about a mile from th...

Anadarko, Oklahoma - At around 2:00 am on a cool October near full moon morning while sleeping warmly in my warm farm house bed I was awoken by the sounds of coyotes screa...

Shreve, Ohio - The silo located in the Kill Buck Marsh, just located off SR 83 north of Millersburg is haunted. The silo is on the north side before you get to the w...

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Lorman - Mississippi
It was one of those fall days when the moon was out before it turned dark. We were visiting my grandmother who lived way out in the country. My sister...

Orem - Utah
We were at Neilsen's Grove Park one evening three years ago. It was around 5:00 pm. We were enjoying our family time and it was such a beautiful day....

Fort Pierce - Florida
I was riding my bike on the bike path by S. 35th Street this past spring. It was around 9:30 pm. As I turned from Cortez Boulevard to S. 35th. I saw w...


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Presque Isle, Maine - I travelled up that way a couple of times to visit my girlfriend there and have had this happen to m...

Dumas, Texas - I grew up in Dumas TX. There is not a ''Main Street''......

Lawton, Oklahoma - Was it Tracy's step dad? She was my best friend when this happened....

Lindsey, Ohio - I live in Lindsey, and I have seen this....

Ontario, California - When I was little I lived in a townhome in that same complex and had terrifying paranormal experienc...

Clovis, New Mexico - We lived on Shingle Loop. Is that where you were located? The house was recently torn down to build ...

Clovis, New Mexico - This is my story to a T. Omg! I thought I was crazy for a very long time. My son is now 20, and I ju...

South Berwick, Maine - Hey, Ally. Do you have an address for this house? I'd love to take a trip down there and look at the...

Burlington, North Carolina - I am the mother who grew up in the house on Cameron St. There was sheer evil in that house. As a chi...

Kings Mountain, North Carolina - I go there!!! Yay my school is haunted my cousins classroom door knocks, nobody was there....

Buffalo, Minnesota - As I was told and according to the date in the stone, the school was built around 1930 or so. That s...

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