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Submitted by Denise

San Lorenzo: Hello - does anyone here do paranormal investigations in San Lorenzo? We're moving out of this house (brand new) because we feel something is here. We need to figure out if it's latched to the house or one of us.
Any help would be great! Email me at: marlene.cavalcanti @gmail. com if can help. Please don't email unless you are serious. This hasn't been easy.
    Submitted by Marlene

Santa Clarita: Hello everybody I am trying to visit every haunted location in Santa Clarita. If you are okay with having me over and depending on how crazy the haunting is letting me sleep the night over. Email me at redinkedwolves @gmail. com.
Submitted by Abraham

Santa Rosa: I am in a paranormal group. We investigate ghost sightings, videos, orbs, or any paranormal activities. We are professional and try not to stir up bad spirit behavior. If you have something you like to share or needs investigating drop me an e-mail I live here in Santa Rosa I'm at madmito @yahoo. com or check us out on face book at dark alley paranormal investigators west coast.

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