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Submitted by Mito

San Jacinto: Hallo everyone, my name is Angeles Davis and I have a gift to fight demons and to summon angels... I also have the gift of healing and to see orbs of spirits my father who gave me these gifts is a God and I work for him and live my life on this earth of his will I used to be a sinner but now I am a sin fighter...
I am 25 of age and I am a young black male... If any one need any help of how to fight a demon or how to get rid of a spirit or what to do... Just text me or give me a call and I will be gland to help you out of any thing of that...
    I do not charge for money by the way cause that's not what I m on this earth for but if you are a giving person then OK.
Submitted by Angeles

Susanville: I run a paranormal investigation team called G. H. A. S. T. (Ghost Hunting And Spiritual Training) in Susanville, CA. My team is new so we are a little under funded so we can't travel at this time. However if you believe to know of a place in Susanville that is haunted both residential and business please feel free to contact us at
Submitted by Randy Cooke

Comment by anonymous: We need to meet.

San Martin: If anyone needs help with a haunted location we are here to help. We are the outlaw ghost hunters. We are paranormal researchers. Find us on facebook or email outlawghosthunters @gmail .com.

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