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Submitted by Marcos

Comment by Ingrid & Kevin: Hello Marcus, I (Ingrid,) found you while trying to learn new stuff on my phone. We've lived in our home 29 years in July. Our boys and I have seen, heard, and felt so much over the years. We had orbs, bad smells, voices, and knocking to pounding at times. My son's bed shook violently. I have even been touched. I can go on forever. I am so terrified that our health is being affected. Also we keep having bad luck. I am a Christian and never do witch craft. I have had my pastor come from Our Redeemer, and say a prayer, but it only came back. It feels very chaotic here.

I have spoken to psychics before over the phone, but they won't help. They are too afraid to come over and walk the property because it's also outside. I see and hear a little girl a lot. I found out about two years ago from someone who grew up on my block that in the early 80s before we moved in in 1987, her and 5 other girls messed with a board over and over. It only came up when I asked why she won't walk by my house. She started to cry.

We live on Corbin Avenue in Winnetka. The room they did it in I have always kept the door shut. I get sort of light headed, sick, and sort of panicky feeling. I've heard scratching in the closet in that room. I also get heart palpitations if I've stood in it. I really believe it's also the property. Kevin feels and sees nothing. I have always been affected by the paranormal all my life. I just need some answers. Can you please help? Please call Home ph# 818-349-0231 we screen calls, THANKS. Sorry I don't have E-Mail.


We can help with demonic forces or spirits. Over 20 years experience. Email at dralgarza
Submitted by Dr.G

Wilmington: Southern California paranormal investigation team of Wilmington is now doing research. S. C. P. I. T is a team of paranormal investigators that has been doing spirit researching since 1999. We have a proven track record for EVP's and local areas with many spirit sightings.

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