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All equipments are set up after an interview and an appointment is set to return for investigations. No pranks, this is a serious matter. Thank you. S. C. P. I. T Southern California Paranormal Investigation Team llc. Wilmington CA.
Submitted by Madamstar

We could use your cooperation we are a new and different ghost related television program that will air shortly on the a&e biography channel. We are quite a bit different from other ghost show programs in that we don't have a ''host'' person.
    The narration is conducted totally by our guests who claim to have had sightings of ghosts.. Hence the title my ghost story. We could use your cooperation for your information prospective guests are sent the following email: Hi I'm a story producer for a new television program entitled my ghost story.
I would like to hear more about your apparent visit to the ''paranormal'' or ''supernatural. '' if it is as interesting as many of the short stories I have been reading daily on the internet I would like to get more information from you.

We are particularly interested in stories that contain photographs or video relating to the story. If we can come to a mutual agreement we would like to bring you to Los Angeles to participate in one of our first programs.
If you are interested in joining our program please call me asap at the following toll free number: 1-866-476-5947 or 1-310-478-3850. You can also reach me by e-mail at either ''ralph@mppt. TV'' or ralph@nucleargreen.

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