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Org I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Ralph Andrews.
Submitted by Rwe

We're a group of ghost hunters in the east bay serving northern and central California. If someone has the need or would like to have their home/business investigated, they can contact us at (925) 480-7121.
Our website is http://www. Deltaghosthunters. Org, you may also email us at
Submitted by Delta

Yuba Sutter: Hello everybody in the valley of Yuba Sutter. I run a paranormal investigation team called Valley of shadows Paranormal Society. We have found a lot of places of interest in Y. C... But mostly in Marysville.
We are always looking for more cases. If you would like our help.. Email us at valleyofshadowsparanormalsociety@live. Com. Our website is http://valleyofshadowsparanormalsocietyonline. Yolasite. Com .
Add me on facebook.. Find our fanpage! Thanx Joseph dejesus presswood of vsps.
Submitted by Joseph

You have posted some awesome stories. I'm producing a series featuring Latinos and their ghost stories not the usual creepy building. That said I'm looking to connect with Latinos who have had experiences that they are wiling to talk about on camera.

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