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Find us on facebook at cat eyes paranormal investigations. Our services are free of charge.
Submitted by Cat

Carrollton: 3 am paranormal south we are located in Carrollton GA. We are a professional paranormal research group. We offer paranormal research to private residences and / or businesses. We do not charge a client and we will not disclose any clients name or location unless we have their permission to do so.
Any evidence we find is not considered evidence unless it meets the current industries standards. Our mission is to help those believing they are being haunted in their homes or businesses and to aid in the advancement of the paranormal field.
    If you would like 3 am south to investigate your location please go to our website www. 3 amsouth. Com or email us at foxmailbox07-ghost1@yahoo. Com. ​ or you can call us at 1-678-664-2966 you can also find us on facebook at 3 am south paranormal.
Submitted by Michael

Chatsworth: we have been doing some ghost hunting in Chatsworth and have many pictures of orbs and a couple of EVP's recorded on cell phone from cemetery. We have been wanting to spend the night in a haunted house and are very interested in the house you have mentioned.
Please respond to this posting with an email address so that we can contact you if you are serious about allowing someone to spend the night there. We are long time residents of Chatsworth just got into ghost hunting recently and would really like to try this.

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