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Submitted by Denise

Fort Benning: My wife and I are in a ghost hunting group. We live on Fort Benning in Battle Park apartments. If any of you would like us to bring our eqiptment over too see what we can find we would be more than happy to. My email is
Submitted by Dan

Fort Valley: Are there any address or lot number available to any of these sighting? We are interested in local ghost and would to create a documentary of the ghost of Fort Valley. If there are any interested parties please email me at stinsonj95@live. Com and for the headder put ghost!.
Submitted by Jessica

Ft Benning: After reading all the posting on here and showing them to a friend of mine. We both talk and found out that we had the same experience that others are having here on ft benning. We started to do a small investigating team my friend and to look around and find out if what we were seeing was true or not.
We are looking to investigate more areas but just been limited to our houses we are trying to find evidence of ghost or what is going on. I would like to find more evidence and place it on here with pictures and video on here.

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