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Norman Park: There is a paranormal group in Norman Park called spirit paranormal . Pleas look us up if you know of any places that are haunted !.
Submitted by David

Ringgold: If anyone needs help I am a ghost hunter. I have two friends that are too but more professional than me. One of them cleanses homes and has performed exorcisms. Call me at 423-413-0132 if I don't answer send a text. I will contact you asap. Thanks.
    Submitted by Jacob

Spalding: My fiancÚ and I have a ghost hunting business. It is called Spalding ghost hunters, and we are looking for locations to investigate. If anyone knows where a good place is, or if you need a ghost hunter or know someone, let us know. You can call us at 678-608-5275. Thank you so much : ).
Submitted by Robert

Spectral Soul Seekers: Our group Spectral Soul Seekers investigated the Gordon Lee mansion. We got several great EVPs there as well as a few photos. Check us out at spectralsoulseekersGeorgia. Webs. Com or contact us at

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