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  My wife and I was out for a hike in the woods when my wife spotted a very pale looking person starring at us from about 100 feet away. He was as pale as snow. In the beginning of the video you can clearly see him in the middle. I tried to get closer to get a better shot but he disappeared into thin air as I started walking towards him. I think I might have scared him away.
Submitted by LR
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I had on headphones
    and had to mute it. This was so freaking scary to watch! Seriously your voice with the crunching of leaves the camera going down and coming back up, I
was like... I swear if this is one of those that pops up at the end all willynilly. I'm going to have a heart attack. I am going to die in my bed with the laptop 1 inch from my face because I cannot not look, and this is scary. Like Blair witch scary.
Submitted by anonymous
       Categories: witch, face

Too convenient. The camera shows only the ground when trying to approach the ''ghost'', only panning up at the last moment.

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