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  The 'Starling Resort' was kind enough to give us this outtake from a promotional video they were having made. You can clearly see what looks like a female  
  tennis player walking across the tennis court while the producer is talking to someone on his phone.
Submitted by H
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  you kidding?? !! 1980s John McEnroe walks on and doesn't cuss? Throw the racket? Demand attention? Nah. You messed up when you fixed his hair like that  
Submitted by John

The movement in the top right corner is clearly a car. Watch it closely.
Submitted by Jimmie

Odd how the shadow appears while the 'ghost' is still transparent.
Submitted by MAURICE & CHRIS

I'm sorry but it looks too fake and the coincidence of him having to get that phone call at that exact time makes it fishy.. Also notice a white shadowy thingy at the beginning of that video at the right top corner.. That could be the ''ghost'' getting ready to walk over the shot.

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