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Odd how the shadow appears while the 'ghost' is still transparent.
Submitted by MAURICE & CHRIS

I'm sorry but it looks too fake and the coincidence of him having to get that phone call at that exact time makes it fishy.. Also notice a white shadowy thingy at the beginning of that video at the right top corner.. That could be the ''ghost'' getting ready to walk over the shot.
Submitted by Riko
       Categories: phone, video

None of the arguments presented to discredit this video here hold water. The shadows move when the ghost appears and then move back to the old position without any jumps as would be expected in the case of a forgery. Like it or not, this video so far stands up to all attempts to discredit it. Looks like it might be the real thing!.
Submitted by fx-180p
       Categories: video, shadows

Yes true, these things could be created. Hollywood movies are full of tricks, much better than this could have been. Why is it fishy to you that he says ''ok take 3'' at the end though?
You can argue the authenticity of any video, not just ghost videos but news stories on TV, all this stuff going on in the middle east could be fake. Have you been there? Do you know if it's for real? Earthquakes, volcanoes, pileups, could be faked easily by good video editors such as yourself (ever see Wag the Dog). I'm pretty sure this is real.

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