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The tennis court girl is so darn fake.. The guy talking said he had a phone call before the phone even rings .. Then the girl shows up when he is faking a call.......
Submitted by Bill
       Category: phone

Looks suspicious...
Submitted by Earth dweller

In reply to Chris I think it could have been done on Photoshop like you say but based on my experience with low budget promo videos there's nothing odd about it. The crew on these takes is usually two people sometimes just one plus actors but those guys are quiet until it's their line.
So there wouldn't be a large number of people in the background like there would be on the set of a major movie.
Submitted by Tom

Nice work with the Photoshop. The ''crew'' was too quiet I mean absolutely no murmering while they waited no laughing at a ''just too funny joke'' in the background no shuffling of bodies or ruffling of clothing? Too clean for a real ''set''. Should put it up for an fx audition though.

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