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Submitted by Chris

Maybe you're right but I'm just an eleven year old lol.
Submitted by Karla

Karla please elaborate. I've seen a lot of fakes and this one actually looks real or it's a really well made fake. Either way it's definitely worth our time to either disprove it or acknowledge that it might be real.
    I don't see how this could be edited this well without a very high budget but I can also see how it may be perceived as being too good to be real. Let's have an intelligent discussion about this rather than just loose one-line comments.
Submitted by Sat

It's soo fake, he edited it -_- this is so not worth my time.
Submitted by Karla

I think the whole thing about ghosts not having shadows may be some pop-culture induced misperception like vampires not showing up in mirrors and witches dissolving in water etc.. I think the shadow does not disprove the validity of this video.

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