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  One day my dad step mom and I were at Concord cemetery and we thought we should do a ghost hunt so I get my digital recorder out of my car and we do a quick EVP. I thought I saw something at a distance so I decided to go check it out.
I left my recorder there and went to see ( this is all happening in the dead of night) I got back to my house and looked over the EVP and I got something whispering I can't make out what it's saying maybe someone can.
    I heard the EVP I did stone research, turns out I laid my recorder down on Sadie Baker's head stone. Here's that EVP tell me what you think it's saying.
Submitted by Anonymous
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There wasn't anything there. It was just you and your friends talking. I was wearing headphones so I would've heard something if there was anything there. That whispering you hear that's most likely one of the people you were with that night.
This is just what I think of it though. And whatever you heard maybe pointing out the time in the video would help.
Submitted by Anonymous

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