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  Me and my sister were at the Bryan cemetery off of Texas Avenue because we were bored and wanted to scare ourselves. We brought the digital camera and  
  of course she wanted to park near the back of the cemetery. She turned off the headlights and we got out of the car. We started taking pictures and as  
  soon as we got home we saw this picture that stood out. It was an orb of a baby. You could see the face of this baby so clearly. It was undeniable.

  time we went with our younger brother and sister. This time we parked at the back near in the middle of the road and left our phones voice recorders on  
  the front of the car. We all got out and walked up the road until we hit the fence. We all just stopped and got this chill. It was like something was  
  there and we shouldn't have been.

We ran back to the car and got in and drove home. On the way home I played back my recording and I caught a voice
  saying, ''I think they should go home now. '' It was VERY clear. I will try to attach it if it lets me. You will hear a dog barking and then you will  

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