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They make up stories believe their g-d is voodoo say Christ all the time. 2 of them speak Hebrew close to fluent I myself speak Hebrew fluently. Claim gave traveled to east Germany and Africa .
One voice in particular makes up many additional voices I have asked this evil voice that has claimed to have in past life play with a ouija board to leave my family alone. This voice is picked up on the EVP.
Cannot say Hi w/ all his/her voices at the
    same time that's how I knew this voice was creating others is a pathological liar that is convinced that he/she must repent all day/night long. I live
about 1 1/4mile from a cemetery.

Voice claims to be immortal drinks a water drink convinced in voodoo black magic makes up these crazy games brainwashing/mindless games. Has said he as it claims knows me and is ''in love/infatuated with me, follows me in my car everywhere I go.
Have heard his voice w/ his puppet voices/baby doll voodoo doll voices'' travel about a distance of 500feet likes to go on trees wires. This voice is driving me crazy def. Paranormal in

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