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History, mystery and hauntings of southern Illinois. Written by the little Egypt ghost society based in Carbondale, IL. Email: - Ghost picture submitted by Bruce


Illinois ghost seekers society website: www. Illinoisghost. Com email: Illinoisghost1018@gmail. Com phone: 309-642-1718 about us: Illinois ghost seekers society (igss) is an organization of professional people located in central Illinois who seek out explanations to possible paranormal activity.
Igss is comprised of highly trained investigators, research specialists, and technicians, and media specialists. We provide research and understanding of paranormal activity, as well as, uncovering underlying causes of non-paranormal activity.
Igss utilizes the most advanced equipment in the country and far exceeds many other paranormal organizations. Igss is a not-for-profit organization that serves the Illinois tri-county area, peoria, as well as, surrounding counties.

We have performed dozens of investigations at local homes, as well as, well-known local businesses such as Chillicothe's shore acres, pekin's regent broadcasting, Peoria journal star, and more.
Not only does igss provide investigations but we also provide comfort, education, excellence, and customer service to our clients. Investigators krystal Depew co-founder Robert Depew co-founder jim Gentry mark Smith Jason cassidy Amanda Johnston Danielle Martindale Stephanie labanowski . - Ghost picture submitted by Krystal

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Hi I'm jen from kishwaukee Valley paranormal. We are a paranormal investigation group looking for places to investigate. Contact us at kvghosts. Com for more information. Thank you jen kvp researcher/investigator/in-field first aid . - Ghost picture submitted by Jen

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Super natural and paranormal investigation team we are a group that is very experienced in the paranormal field. We use a scientific approach, and will try to debunk first. We use all the latest equipment including a dvr system, digtial voice recorders, night vision camcorders, ir lights, mel meter, k2 meters, laser motion detectors, as well as the ovilus.
All of our services are strictly confidential, professional, and free of charge. If you have a paranormal experience, feel free to contact us at snapit. Email@yahoo. Com, or visit our website at - Ghost picture submitted by Snapit

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The little Egypt ghost society is a non-profit research group based in Carbondale, IL. We are dedicated to assisting those who may be experiencing paranormal activity. Our goal is to explore the history, mystery and hauntings of southern Illinois and ultimately strive for clearer knowledge of the supernatural.
Our approach to investigating paranormal activity is scientific. We attempt to document claims of paranormal activity using a variety of state of the art, multi-media equipment. All findings are carefully reviewed by our team of paranormal experts with an open yet skeptical mind to rule out any possible natural causes.
The little Egypt ghost society does not claim to have all the answers but our experience and knowledge of the field has allowed us to provide accurate results. If you feel you need assistance, we are here to help.

We can be reached by either phone or email. Just give us a brief description of what you are experiencing and how we may get in touch with you. As always, consultations and investigations are free of charge.
Check us out on facebook. Com: http://www. Facebook. Com/pages/carbondale-il/little-egypt-ghost-society-southern-illinios/192927466539'ref=ts&__a=9 email: - Ghost picture submitted by Bruce

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Tmwprt - the midwest paranormal reseach team http://www. Facebook. Com/pages/tmwprt-the-midwest-paranormal-research-team/121872617823233 check us out on facebook and youtube. We are a experienced group looking to solve all questions related to the paranormal or the normal with the idea that is just maybe more.
We have a ton of exp. And are not afraid to take on any investigation... Our organization is northern illinios ghost hunters finest. We are located in Dixon Illinois and will be happy to travel to conduct an investigation. . - Ghost picture submitted by Wayne

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The little Egypt ghost society is a full service paranormal investigation / research group based in Carbondale, IL. Our team members are all certified paranormal investigators using the latest ghost hunting equipment including emf meters, pyrometers, tri-field meters, digital cameras, sony nightshot camcorder with infrared illuminators, kestrel 2500, and 3500 weather monitors, radio shack hack itc device, motion detectors, temperature/humidity monitors, compass, dowsing rods, digital voice recorders, hand held radios and the ovilus I.
All services are strictly confidential and free of charge. If you are in need of a paranormal investigation or are interested in joing our team, contact us at - Ghost picture submitted by Little

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(R. I. P. ) research investigators of paranormal we are a full service group dealing with paranormal activity. We have the latest equiptment on the market. We are all professionals in our group many dealing with law and investigation on a professional level.
We bring both professional and honest advice. We have many contacts in this field and are always willing to work with other groups if need be. We are a nonprofit group. For info you can check out our site at :myspace.
Com/ripinvestigations or email us at :ripinvestigation@live. Com or also contact us threw our sister company : www. Myspace. Com/littleeguiptghostsociety . - Ghost picture submitted by (R. I. P. )

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