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Brockton, Massachusetts

Brockton, Massachusetts

Brockton, Massachusetts

Brockton, Massachusetts

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I had an apartment on Glenwood Street in Brockton, Massachusetts. Everything was fine until we started ripping down wall paper and painting the woodwork and putting joint compound on the walls. I then heard a woman say ''hi'' in my ear as I was walking through the kitchen. I ran to the living room where my kids and husband were looking at me kind of weird. Because of the expression on my face my seven-year-old son said ''what's the matter? '' I said ''nothing'' and smiled, not wanting to scare the kids, who were just seven and two years old at the time.

One night my husband said he was going to the laundromat across the street, and I was going to stay home with the kids since I needed to finish painting my bedroom woodwork. There was a connecting door from my bedroom to the kids' bedroom, and they were playing in their room. I heard my living room door knob wiggle, and I almost went to open it, but decided against it, thinking, ''maybe it's not my husband. '' He has a key to let himself in. I am alone. I am not opening doors for anyone. A minute later I heard the voice of a woman behind me saying ''hello'' in a really sweet voice, as if she were talking to a child that she was looking down at. I never turned around to look behind me. I ran into the kids' room and slammed the door behind me. I was painting the door casing leading into their room. But before my husband left to the laundromat he had emptied a pouch he wore around his waist full of nails into an old empty rolling pan (that you use to roll paint with). After I had been in the kids' room, I heard what sounded like men's shoes. I was picturing them, those black laced shoes that older men used to wear (I do not know why), but I could hear pacing back and forth in front of my bedroom door. Something was picking up the nails and dropping them back into the rolling pan over and over. I grabbed my eldest sons' baseball bat and he said, ''alright mom!'' I ran out the kitchen door with my kids, and we sat on the stairs in the hallway until my husband came home.
One day I was walking into the kitchen, and all the cabinets had little round button type things that you had to push to the side to open, when I walked in to the kitchen all the cabinets started to open one by one, six cabinets. I blamed it on the hooks in my mind and just kept walking into the bathroom. The bathroom light had a pull string to turn it on and off, but it was broken off, so we turned the bulb off and on instead. I got what I went in the bathroom for and shut the light off and walked out. The only other people that were in the house were my husband and our two children, and they were at the other end of the house in the living room. I walked into the kitchen, and went back into the bathroom to get my hair brush that I had forgotten. When I went back into the bathroom, and I had only walked a couple of feet away the light was back on.

One day something jet black was filling up in the toilet and in my kitchen sink at the same time, I could see both of them from where I was standing, almost overflowing in both, then it went down on its own, as quickly as it came up. We also had people downstairs that kept complaining that we were making a lot of noise. They kept coming upstairs yelling at us when we were not even moving or talking, just quietly watching TV or playing a board game, or building a puzzle, no noise whatsoever. The downstairs neighbor would come upstairs flipping out on us, saying she could not take the noise anymore and that she was going to tell the landlord. She did that all the time which by the way, the landlord believed everything she said because she was there for years and we had just moved in.

One day our living room front door would not open, no matter how hard my husband and I turned the key, slammed our bodies into it, but then finally it opened. I decided we should keep this door locked and never use it again and to use the side door instead, off the kitchen. The day my husband, kids, and I were playing a board game on the floor near the living room door, the door just opened by itself about a foot wide. My eldest son says ''did you see that?'' I was too afraid to go near it to shut it. I had my husband do it. This is the same door that we went through hell trying to open. Another day I had a nightmare in that house. It seemed like I was still awake, and there was this invisible thing trying to suck me into the radiator. If I was not strong enough I was going to die, if it made me hit the radiator near my bed. I struggled really hard trying to stay on the bed and it stopped, and I guess I woke up. I then looked at my bedroom closet door, and it seemed to have disappeared and turned into a long dark hallway, and I just kept staring at it.

Not long after that we started seeing bugs around the house that we had never seen in our lives. All kinds of different bugs and slugs showed up all over our front stairs outside, and a rat and a bat were in the house too. We never had any of these critters until we started fixing things. The bat was flying right towards me staring in my face from the bathroom to the living room, so I ran and slammed the door in the living room behind me. I turned around but was still running. Then I accidentally ran into my husband taking him off his feet, and he hit his ribs on a hard wooden pointy edged heavy end table, cracking his ribs according to the hospital. I did not mean it. I felt bad because he was on the floor face down with his knees on his chest and his hands holding his face making no sound, not moving. I said ''what's the matter, did the bat bite your face?'' I did not even realize I hit him like that.

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