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I currently live on Dale Street and take a walk in Aspen Grove often. The second to last time I was there I decided to take a picture of myself. Nothing ''risqué'' but just a picture of my face on a cool beautiful day. Take a look at the picture for yourself. After moving from that spot I took another picture, and it came out fine. I assumed it was my SD card, but after brining it in to get the SD card changed, the technician told me that SD card was fine since it was a brand new phone. I asked him to make sure, and he said he saw nothing wrong with it. The picture was taken near a tombstone with the last name ''Richardson,'' and in front of the tombstone are steps bearing the same name. - Ghost picture submitted by Tabi

Comment by Lillyana:
I would like to talk and possibly set up an interview. Please contact me! My name is Lillyana Esparra. Lillyanaesparra @ gmail. com.


This is in Ware, MA. It is a house that people say is haunted. It's been abandoned for some time and half of the front porch already fell off. I walk by there everyday to go to work since I live a street away.
Every time I walk by there I feel like someone is watching me through a window or something. I also saw through the 2nd floor window what it appeared to be blood or rust stain on one of the walls. So it's pretty freaky!!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Betty

Comment by Lori:
I lived next door to that house for a few years. Many times I would look up to the second floor windows looking to see who was watching me. I never saw anything... Except once. My husband and I were sitting on the stoop when he hit me in the arm and said ''there is someone in that house'' I looked up and saw a movement but it was so fast I couldn't tell what it was.
We are not from this area and had not heard the local ghost stories so I assumed someone had broken in. I looked the next day but found no sign of entry. I am not afraid of ghosts... But I am curious.
Does anyone want to share what or who is haunting this house and why?.

Comment by anonymous:
Could you post a pic of the stain you were talking about?.

Comment by H@nk:
Can anyone provide the address for this building? Also any information on the convent building at Hillside Village? Can't seem to find anything on the property. Next stop town hall. Heard weird noises coming from some or a tree on the corner of North and Wrin St.
The noises lasted about a minute and sounded like a horse whinnying. I thought it could be an owl.. ? Curious though about this areas history particularly the community building at Hillside.

Comment by Eric:
That is Aspen St. in Ware, MA. I live there on the 2nd floor. The front steps have been replaced with wood ones and the top balcony as well. We just moved in a few weeks ago and our new neighbors said the place is haunted but I thought it was a joke.
I am quite surprised to see it here. For the record none of my family has seen our heard anything odd.

Comment by Eric:
Update: I posted above that my family and I lived here and have not had any experiences about a year ago. Since that time there has been a boatload of strange things here and across at the neighbor's unit.
Most of them are explainable with rational explanations though a few times I have been thoroughly baffled and shaken. My toddler seems to be effected the most. My family and I are currently in the process of moving (for unrelated reasons) and frankly we are not sorry to be going.
For the record most of the activity has occurred in the southeast section of the building on the second and (empty and un-rentable) third floor. Ironically nobody has had any experiences in the basement despite often stereotypical encounters had in other haunted dwellings.

Comment by Ronda:
If you face the building, I lived on the 2nd floor on your left back in 1968. Is this the apartment that was haunted?.

Comment by Lillyana:
If anyone has had a paranormal encounter, I would like to speak and talk to you and would love to do an interview. My name is Lillyana Esparra. Email lillyanaesparra @ gmail. com.

Comment by Eric:
Yes to answer the above question. That is the unit we lived in from roughly 2015 to the beginning of 2016. Facing the building top-left.

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