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Submitted by Bill

Hi, I caught some crazy pictures on my trailer came in my back yard. You have see to believe, and I have some good stories of things that have happened to me and my sister when we were younger, some as a adult. The pictures I got on my trailer cam are crazy. I don't know if it was a glare, but it creeped me out. My wife is a photographer and was going through them and found a bunch more. You can contact me at dependableprojayg @gmail.com.
Submitted by Jay

Holland: We are Holland Paranormal Research Group interested in investigating we want only serious inquiries. You can reach us at jdils. wbpallets @gmail .com.
Submitted by Jacob

Hi I'm a story producer for a new television program entitled my ghost story. I would like to hear more about your apparent visit to the ''paranormal'' or ''supernatural. '' if it is as interesting as the short story I just read on the ''ghosts of America'' website I would like to get into more detail.
We are particularly interested in stories that contain photographs or video relating to the story. If we can come to a mutual agreement we would like to bring you to Los Angeles to participate in one of our first programs.

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