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Submitted by Bekki Morrison

Elmira: Hello I'm from the Elmira area and currently live in elmira. I am the founder of Elmira Paranormal Society and I'm reading these stories and some I like to have my team investigate if possible. We have been around for a little over a year done a few investigations.
All are confidential so please submit your stories and sightings.
Submitted by Stephanie


Elmira: I don't have a ghost story to tell, but simply that I am the founder of Elmira Paranormal Society here in Elmira NY. I've read all these stories and they sound quite interesting. If you would like us to come in and do an investigation for free, we will be happy to help you.
We have the equipment and experiences in the paranormal. Give us a call and let us help. Elmiraparanormalsoceity. Org.
Submitted by Stephanie

Comment by Diana: Dianareyes12684 @gmail. com pls contact me.

Finger Lakes and central New York: Hello, my name is Steve and I am the case manager for the paranormal investigators of central New York or picny for short. We are a non-profit organization that scientifically investigates supposedly haunted locations in the Finger Lakes and central New York regions of New York state.

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