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Submitted by Peter

I am looking for local places that people need me to come in and search and get proof your house is haunted and see if I can help in anyway... Is there a fee, that's up too you. Please email me at lisa198229 @aol. Com.
Submitted by Laura

Jamestown: I like to see places that are hunted I live in Jamestown, NY ... 716-338-5274 call me.
Submitted by Ray

Montour Falls: I have experience with hauntings and have lived in several haunted homes. Because of the hauntings that I have experienced I started a website to help others end their hauntings. Www. Hauntedhousebuster .com.
Submitted by Helena

Mechanicville: I run a paranormal run here locally, I can tell you first hand that there is a lot of paranormal activity in Mechanicville, we have a great sucess rate for riding homes of unwanted spirits, however if the haunting is residual it cannot be crossed over or made to leave.

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