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My email is makia999 @hotmail. com. Please don't hesitate to ask for some help! Janise Noah New Paris.
Submitted by Janise

Jeromesville: Please report any haunting to corps paranormal.com for help.
Submitted by Kwkesler

Logan county or Hardin county: I want to know if maybe there is some place me and my cousin could go to do some paranormal hunting around Logan county or Hardin county, anywhere really as long as it is not to far...
    I would like to be able to actually go somewhere that we can sit for a couple hours a night and maybe people could go along that aren't scared... Have some equipment that we could need to actually be able to get some good stuff on tape....
If there is anyone out there please let us know if there is any way possible.... Really looking forward to getting stuff started for this kind of stuff... So please everyone if you are serious let us know so we can check it out and maybe more and more people will believe you :) come on people lets do some ghost hunting:).
Submitted by Seth

London: If you think your house is haunted go to our website and contact Mike or Chris via email or facebook and our team will come out and investigate it at no cost. Www. Londonparanormalsociety. Webs. Com.

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