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Submitted by Bryon

Donora, Pennsylvania: I am Joshua Plants and I deal with spirits and do blessings and more. I have also dealt with poltergeist. If you live in Charleroi Pa or anywhere near I will help you. I have been scratched and kicked and more and love engaging ghost to see what they can do. If anyone needs help I am here, e-mail me at Joshuaplants60 @gmail. Com, free to help, you have peace..
Submitted by Joshua

Girardville: I'm a founder of paranormal night owls if need anything you can contact lonelywolf83 @yahoo. Com or you can contacted me at 5703170531 just leave a message and I will get back to you.
Submitted by Clinton

Girardville: We have recently done a investigation out in Wiggans Patch in Girardville so I am assuming it's not unlikely to have hauntings in the surrounding areas. Do you need help, comfort and support? Do you want someone to talk to you concerning spirits, hauntings, ghostly apparitions, voices, etc..We are here to listen, help and assist you. To request our services or send questions for review. E-mail: pennpra@gmail. Com my name is Craig I am the founder and director of { penn. P. R. A }, Pennsylvania paranormal research association. We are a group of paranormal investigators that do our best to bring you assistance and to prove or debunk any alleged haunting. Our past clients are very satisfied in our investigations and the professional conduct we had performed for them and their concerns. We try to debunk the things that people think are real or are really happening but are not, that scare them but should not. We have just started out so our equipment is limited but we have enough to help our clients and to do the case properly and professionally. Most of the equipment we use upgrades and changes fast so we will reach that point soon. We are learning and growing at { penn. P. R. A }. There are no experts in the field of research. This page is a place where you can get the information, comfort, and help that you need. We provide a safe comfortable atmosphere for people who have had experiences dealing with hauntings or with a ghost and to share their story with others who have had similar experiences. I unfortunately lived with as well as witnessed many paranormal events and encountered many different spirits and ghosts. Because of my experiences, I treat this subject very seriously in my attempt to educate, comfort, and help others who are having the same experiences that they do not understand, or need help with for anything that appears to be paranormal or out of the ordinary to them. This page will always strive to educate the community on what ghosts are and how to deal with them as I did. We will also provide proof to the existence of ghosts in the form of pictures, sounds, and eyewitness accounts. We will provide advice and continue to educate along with other paranormal groups in the field who assist us to help you resolve any paranormal or ghost related problems in your life that you might have. Of course, we will always provide a space for you to share your experiences among friends and people who understand and to meet others who share similar experiences. We have also educated the public and other paranormal researchers from other areas and locations in educating the view points, comfort, and support of someone who is experiencing things they do not understand or cannot control. From paranormal investigators, researchers to ghost hunters to explorers there is always help and comfort in these situations and events, it's just a phone call away to any office or any one of the other paranormal teams all over the area.{ penn. P. R. A } Pennsylvania paranormal research association is and always will be a non-profit organization, we do not charge for any investigation or case of any type. We do this free of charge. We will not accept any salary, hourly, or labor fees for any of the services that we do. All expenses will be covered by membership dues as well as donations to help maintain our equipment. If you would like to send any donations we honor and appreciate each one that we receive and that person will be mentioned in our monthly newsletter. Penn. P. R. A Pennsylvania paranormal research association 200-5 east Main Street Schuylkill Haven, PA. 17972 {570}789-2235 to request an autographed photo of any team member or to send suggestions or comments.E-mail: pennpra@yahoo. Com thank you for your support as well as interests in { penn. P. R. A }Pennsylvania paranormal research association and our investigations and research we perform. .
Submitted by Craig


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