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You can check us out at www. Paranormaloet. Com. There you will find our contact sheet bio's of our team and much more. Check us out and give us a call!.
Submitted by Paranormal

Comment by Mariah: I've had several sightings. One is most fresh in my mind is one night I was fully asleep and all of a sudden this enormous pressure came on me it held me down but at the same time it had his hands around my throat and was nearly causing me not to breath.
Email: Mariah. worbington @wallerbulldogs. net phone number: I want to be contacted but I don't want to put my phone number were everybody can see it thanks for your time. I have two other sittings along with this one at different times in my life and I know the location of both of them.


Fort Stockton: We are local paranormal investigators who are looking to find areas of interest here in fs pleas contact us at thetrippingbandit @gmail. com.
Submitted by Denise

Frankston, Texas: I am looking for haunted places here in Frankston. I have lived here all my life and I have heard of a few places but I don't have anyone to go out with me to look into them. I have been out to some of the local cemeteries in the past and things have happened.
I just really want to get into investigating. If you live around here and would like to go out and look for spirits with me you can email me at jeannier1977

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