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I have a lot of equipment and a lifetime of experience in this field. Or, if you or someone you know, needs my help please call me! Love, light and blessings!.
Submitted by Susie

Frankston: Hey my friends! I live in Frankston, tx. I'm a psychic/medium/empath. I was born into this field. I'm half Native-American. I'm looking for some paranormal enthusiasts that would love to go out and do some investigating with me.
    I have equipment also. Please email me at: sueonisko@yahoo. Com. Also, if you or someone you know, has a paranormal problem, please let me know! I respect the deceased and I try to help the living and the dead.
Blessings! Love, Susie.
Submitted by Susie

Frankston: Update! Hi everyone I've been researching my land it was a Indian campment and there is a private Indian burial ground on it. I buried fruit and vegtables and prayed to the native spirits and things have been great.
I've been going out to different cemeteries so if anyone in the Frankston area wants to go out and investigate with me please call me at 903-876-5577. I have a lot of new equipment and if anyone wants to learn how to investigate or even knows of places that might be haunted please call me and leave me a message if I'm not home ok? Blessings! Susie.

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