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I charge nothing for my service. My e mail is robmd27@yahoo.com.
Submitted by Robert

Hi I'm looking for members for my team, please feel free to email me if you want to join @ utprsdelriotx78840@gmail. Com.
Submitted by Utprs

Hello everyone.... My name is Eddie Hill. Tasha and myself are filming a paranormal series where we investigate hauntings ufos and Bigfoot sightings or for that matter anything to do with cryptozoology.
    If you or someone you know have ever witnessed anything paranormal we would like to speak with you. You can email me at: ghostlycop@gmail. Com respectfully Eddie Hill.
Submitted by Eddie

Hey guys... I am part of a paranormal investigative team. We are non-profit and work on referrals... If you are interested in allowing us to check out your events around your homes we would be honored to see about getting you some answers for what is happening...
You can email me at mk19_gunner@yahoo. Com... I look forward to hearing from you all! Jason.
Submitted by Jason


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