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Houston - Dallas: Hello all if you've been experiencing really frightening paranormal activities ghost or demon then please don't live in fear. There's a Catholic priest that I know who specialized in helping getting rid of ghost or demon in your home.
He will be doing a special mass at St. Peter Catholic church in Garland Texas on Saturday November 27 2010. He lives in Houston Texas but will travel to Dallas Texas just to help anyone with really bad paranormal
If you would like more information then please don't hesitate to contact me at 214-909-5174 or by email: dallasbui@yahoo. Com. I'm not here
to make any money I'm here to help anyone in any ways because I've experienced very closed with several paranormal activities ever since I was 6 years old and throughout my life and I understand and truly knows the feelings.

I can find you help. Sincerely Vince.
Submitted by Vince

Hello folks* kitty here.. For thoses that have listed bout paranormal experiences.. I am with the paampa paranormal research group. We are interested in discussing a case with you if you should choose to contact me..

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