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I was very close to my dad and that's not even saying it right. And my mom has had a very painful life. Including her last husband who was murdered while she slept. Getting to the point we need help I am not entirely un-schooled on energys and what they do.
We have had the house blessed like four times and the activity has gotten worse since my dad died not only are we hearing growling but my mom has heard my dad say help me several times and shadow
    people taps ect.

We are out of options so if you would please help that would be great my phone number is 936-230-8449.
Submitted by Tabitha

Nacogdoches: A group of talented people committed to acquiring and improving our knowledge of the paranormal and cryptozoic creatures. We are not asking if theses things exist but why and how. Our research is directed with this in mind. Just relocated to Nacogdoches, TX.
Submitted by North American Cryptid and Paranormal Project


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