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Contact or text to 14327703017 or email me at chrisbebollin@gmail. Com. We need help.
Submitted by Chris

Odessa: I have had many personal experiences and so has my team N. A. P. S. Founded and led by alicia. We are out of Odessa TX and have professional equipment and being Native American she can cleanse your house if needed.
We are free of charge and are available at all times. If you have experiences in your home that are unexplainable or scary please feel free to contact us and we will investigate. This is for anyone in or around Odessa TX.
    Contact Alicia at kickinghorsewmn2000@yahoo. Com or me kaylagarnett@me. Com or like us and message us on facebook N. A. P. S. And we can help you understand what's going on in your house. Thank you kayla team member of Native American Paranormal Society.
Submitted by Kayla

Pampa: I'm the case manager for Pampa Texas Paranormal Research Society. If you ever need any help. 674-3377.
Submitted by Beth

Poynor: I need some people who can be committed in going out to do paranormal investigations and metal detecting with me. I have a lot of equipment and 2 metal detectors. I live off of rte 175 1.3 miles before going into Frankston, Texas.

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