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Or if anyone needs me to help in getting rid of spirits sending them off into the light. I am psychic and experienced in this field. Please call me at 1-504-615-4121 thank you! Susie.
Submitted by Susie

Port Neches, Texas: Hello let me introduce myself, I'm Kathy Duncan, founder of heaven sent paranormal. I'm very interested in your home and your experiences with the paranormal. I'm from Port Neches and my team and I are collecting data..
If you would like us to come in and set up our equipment and give you solid evidence of what you are experiencing.. Please feel free to contact us at heavensentparanormal @ yahoo. Com.. We would be honored to do research in your home..
Thank you, Kathy Duncan.
    Submitted by Kathy

Pasadena, Texas: If anyone needs to have their home or business investigated by a professional paranormal team please give me a shout at spicricket66 @yahoo. com. PGRS(Pasadena Ghost Research Society) is my group and I also work with another group from the other side.
We will come in and investigate and try to help as much as we can.
Submitted by Yvonne

Palestine, Texas: I am the historical researcher for Palestine paranormal partners. We are a non profit organization. If you feel like you are being haunted please feel free to contact us... Www. Palestineparanormalpartners.com.

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