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Southeast Texas: Hello I am with graveyard shift Paranormal Society of southeast Texas. If you are having problems with paranormal activity we can help! Call Kathy @ 409-225-0435 we can do a investigation and get the answers you are looking forů.
Submitted by Kathy

Comment by Ashley: Hey Kathy I also live in SETX and I'm curious if you let anyone investigate along with you. I'm just beginning to learn about energies and spiritual beings and would love to learn more with someone experienced. Please let me know. My email is maldonadoteam6 @gmail. com. Thank you.

San Antonio: I've been investigating the paranormal for about 3 years now, I live in San Antonio and believe that a lot of people here have experienced (or are experiencing) genuine hauntings. I'd love to come investigate your home your business or property to see if any answers can be found.
I don't charge anything ever because all I'm interested in is obtaining evidence of the paranormal. Criteria which must be met are: 1) all investigations must take place after 11 pm (this helps reduce daytime noises that may contaminate audio evidence) ; 2) besides myself and another investigator there can only be two people (for ex: the people residing or managing the house or property so 4 people max) accompanying us; 3) residents accompanying us are asked to follow our instructions (I.E. A very talkative person needs to be quiet or a frightful nervous person who is screaming or squealing just doesn't need to be investigating unless they are able to control their outbursts). That's pretty much all we need: timing limited number of people and a controlled environment.

To protect the client we have 2 waivers we sign. The first is a confidentiality form which states that we will not discuss the location process or results of our investigation (if the client wishes it) to anyone.

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