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San Antonio: I've been investigating the paranormal for about 3 years now, I live in San Antonio and believe that a lot of people here have experienced (or are experiencing) genuine hauntings. I'd love to come investigate your home your business or property to see if any answers can be found.
I don't charge anything ever because all I'm interested in is obtaining evidence of the paranormal. Criteria which must be met are: 1) all investigations must
    take place after 11 pm (this helps reduce daytime noises that may contaminate audio evidence) ; 2) besides myself and another investigator there can only
be two people (for ex: the people residing or managing the house or property so 4 people max) accompanying us; 3) residents accompanying us are asked to follow our instructions (I.E. A very talkative person needs to be quiet or a frightful nervous person who is screaming or squealing just doesn't need to be investigating unless they are able to control their outbursts). That's pretty much all we need: timing limited number of people and a controlled  

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