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To protect the client we have 2 waivers we sign. The first is a confidentiality form which states that we will not discuss the location process or results of our investigation (if the client wishes it) to anyone.
The second are liability waivers that frees the client of any physical mental emotional and / or spiritual harm that the investigators may believe may be attributed to investigating their building or property.
I am of
    course interested in helping only sincere people who are over age 18 and who would appreciate help from someone who has seen felt heard and smelled phenomenon
associated with sentient energies or (as most people call them:) ghosts.

You can reach me at mmshawn99@yahoo. Com if you'd like to tell me what you're experiencing and then we'll go from there. Thank you in advance and happy hunting!.
Submitted by S

San Antonio: For those of you who have unanswered questions and do not understand what is possibly happening around you you are welcome to contact me. I am a paranormal investigator. I have a team based out of San Antonio, TX and I am based out of Killeen TX.

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