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Submitted by Denise

Texas-light-paranormal: If you would like us to come and investigate just let use know you can check us out on facebook.
Submitted by Texas

Tyler: My name is Brandy Rice and I live in Tyler, Texas. I and my friend larinda are founders of paranormal observers of east Texas aka P. O. E. T. If you have a location that you own or rent and you are having paranormal activity check out our website: paranormaloet. Com we have our info investigations and our short bio on it. Check us out!.
    Submitted by Brandy

Texas ghost investigators was formed with the desire to document and gather definitive evidence of spirits, specters and demons for the purposes of research. Our interests lie in finding proof that will be Universally accepted. We would rather debunk a convincing claim and leave with nothing, than submit to you a picture of dust as proof of a haunting. As much as we would love to get proof of life after death, we are even more interested in conducting ourselves with professionalism, honesty, and ethics to give much needed credibility to our field. Furthermore, in order to protect our clients, we will keep all of your information private and will not publish our findings without your consent. Are you experiencing unexplainable events at home or at work? Fill out the investigation request and we can begin the investigation process. Please note that we are scientific in our approach.
We do not offer cleansings, or have psychic mediums on our staff. If you are in need of these types of services, please indicate that on the form and we will do our best to refer you to a credible spiritual leader of your chosen faith after our investigation is complete.Tgi does not charge a fee for an investigation. We offer our services free, for the purpose of data collection and research. Our clients come to us out of curiosity, to ask for our help, and to get answers. We believe it is unethical to charge for this service. If you feel you have been taken advantage of by a group or an individual, we recommend you contact your local better business bureau and lodge a complaint so others may benefit from your negative experience. Visit http://www. Txghost. Com for more information. To schedule an investigation, fill out the form at http://www. Txghost.com/request.html .
Submitted by Texas


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