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Non-Local Ghost Input

Miscellaneous ghost input that is not related to any specific location.

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Spirits are not locked in some time zone like bugs in a jar... This is another myth. .
Submitted by Truth

      Category: spirits

I have seen a ghost as little as 6 years old for the first time since then it has been feeling's of someone being there, evil and good in various places I've been then the other sighting in Calvary cemetery in my town.
    I just wish there was more I can do to learn about this ability I have but just don't know much about it or where to go.
Submitted by Stacey

      Categories: cemetery, evil

Some facts about the paranormal we should all know: they are trapped here, there are only a few ways out as others have no way out. Most are here as they seek revenge, but others choose to stick around because of someone or something they can't let go of...
Otherwise they would move on. The people who go looking for paranormal phenominon are the people the admiritions love to tease and frighten. Think before you get spooked by a ghost... They might be just as scared of you as you are to them.
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