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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
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Also had many experiences there in Osan Dorms. My roommate tried an EVP session and a friend that was with him got scratched with 3 claw marks on his neck.
Submitted by Carlos

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While stationed at camp Humphreys in 2004 pyoentek our company use to Convoy to training sites on Thursdays. Most of the training sites were located a few miles next to the rice pattys. Around may 2004 we were on this site and while on a smoke break my two buddies and I decided to walk around the area. We found what looked to be a bunker for ammunition storage except it was sealed shut with wood. The wood had some kind of Korean writing on it. We assumed it said ''keep out'' we broke the wood off the doors and walked in. As soon as you walked in there were stairways to go lower. We pulled out our flashlights and went down. As soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs I got cold really fast (temperature at the time was 95 degrees with humidity) as if someone turned the AC on full blast. When we flashed our lights all you can see was a hallway with dark rooms. On the ground were bullet shells.
We figured it was a ammo point during training. We started walking down the hallway and I swear I felt like someone was behind me the entire time. I kept flashing my light behind me and my friends kept asking what I was doing. I told them ''don't you feel that? Is there someone living here'' or am I tripping'? '' we continued to walk down the dark hall and I flashed my light in every room. Once we reached about 100 meters my friends lights died but mine. When I got in front of them to give them light mine died. I was facing one of the rooms while my buddy was searching for his lighter. As soon as he light it up I saw what looked like a Korean soldier in the room.
I screamed and caused them to drop the lighter. When they picked it up and turned it back on the guy was gone. I asked ''what the h*** was that? !! Did ya see it'' '' the guy holding the lighter walked into the room and waved the lighter around. He then jumped as if someone ran into and scream the same thing. I grabbed a hold of my other friend next to me and said ''dude I am freaked. Lets go! '' I glanced at the guy h olding the lighter and out of nowhere with no wind the lighter shut off and would not turn back on. At that point I ran in the opposite direction and my friends followed.
Once we got to the stairway point our flashlights turned back on. We shined the lights down the hallway but saw nothing. I ran back upstairs and never went back. Later that day we researched what that place was and what the writing translated to. It said ''keep out'' (as we assumed) and discovered that it was a bunker where soldiers stayed during the Korean war. I am guessing the room that I saw the guy was probably their aid station. Creepy.

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