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It's been over a year and a half and now we don't want to move back... Even though the apartment is still empty and the property manager still wants us back. So much went on there day and night. Never knew what would happen.
We did get pictures of our hound going crazy in the back room closet started barking at it one day totally obsessed with it. Our friend Jackson told us to get pictures. Can't explain why it took the shape it did.
Another friend said that ghosts like to play tricks at time take on forms of what scares us the most. All I know is that I couldn't see it with my naked eye sight only showed up on camera) even the hound was perplexed looking for it (smelling it)...

I had even sat on the floor petting the hound at one point not even 12 ins. from the thing and didn't see it on the end table. The first picture is when our hound started going nuts at the closet before I cleaned it all up so she could get in better.
Put the lamp on the washer next to the stand for better lighting. In the pictures you can see it move like it was watching our hound look for it. So creepy. - Ghost picture submitted by Lisa P

Comment by Lisapetteys:
This is for your knowledge, I hope you believe my pictures. They confuse me.. Most ghosts show up as such. Why show up as the two things I fear most big spiders and lice. Had someone threaten a big spider in my ear to eat my brain as a small child..
Even drew a picture for kindergarden about the trauma. Then the trauma of cleaning up after head lice while volunteering. I have more pictures. Something said by another man here. My teen and I had been talking of truly finally exploring the house to look for hidden money (old day folk did that) and passages, the house next door used to be the old Lind funeral home:) the old lady there and I talked, I asked her of ghosts? She stopped for a few seconds then shared..
That she is more scared of the living and what they could and can do. Made sense to me (3! Another picture I share of the same thing. But our hound busy snuff clicking she makes a clicky noise while in full sniffmode she is our ghostbusting hound:) go figure she is scared of even lampshades and guitars but ghosts she barks and howls at.

I would love to take part in paranormal investigations now. My teen and I both have visual snow. Only about 10 cases throughout the world of mother child. My teen has more white snow me black snow.
Walking at night we have put out briefly street lights that are weak. We drain mp3 players and freeze computers. Something in the mind.. Finally a Dr. In Cal. Is studying cases of visual snow. We see ghosts and have foresight we can tell when a major quake is going to happen even when someone we know is pregnant..
Never fail. Here is another picture to prove it's real. These were taken on my teens new dsi I gave her my memory card so only camera at the time:) my friend Jackson Earl Burns helped hook me up with a group from Hollywood thingy.

She talked me through so much god bless her soul (3!.

Comment by lisaP:
Been a while now. Have seen other ghost .. But not like at that place. Headboard panel flew off just missing my head. Hearing noise in bathroom closet. Thinking a mouse.. So I tap.. Tap back. Ran out real fast lol.
Happened again, tapped again.. Tapped back at it.. It tapped louder! Sweet Lord, ran fast. Nothing was ever in the closet and no one else in the building at the time. Full body sightings of older woman and man..
Man was very mean, nasty.. Woman just there allowing any pictures were of the hound. Except very early pictures . I have a couple pics of my daughter next door at the old used to be funeral home now apartment building.

Light shining down and can see faces in the light beams.. Cool and creepy I would love to help you on cases. Typing and never share how I am and feel! Would take words and I want to go and find out truth for self.

Comment by Observer:
LisaP: I believe your photos. What you are dealing with are demonic entities not spirits of the dead! Knocking on walls is a classic sign the house has a demon that took up residence. You can either believe this or not. It's your choice. Look it up.


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