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I live in Daisytown Crescent Heights a few miles away from the ''haunted coal mines''. But anyways I live in my house with my mom and sister and I was taking a picture and a weird figure was staring at me through my window.
Does anyone have any advice as for what this might be?. - Ghost picture submitted by Ariel

Comment by Ken:
As interesting as the picture is any type of condensation on a window can make weird images whether the condensation is in a liquid form or frozen. I'm not saying that what you have in that picture isn't something paranormal, but your eyes can play tricks on you in certain situations. If you have a mindset that you are going to see a ghostly image, then your mind is going to trick your eyes into seeing that. This is a form of visual matrixing, and you can get the same result from looking at a TV screen that has a ''fuzzy'' picture. The longer you stare at that blank screen, you will eventually begin to see shapes or even faces. Again the picture is interesting, and even if it is a ghostly image, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless something more comes from it.


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