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In late 1985 I was driving home alone after dropping off a girl friend at her parents house in Pleasant Hills. I drove along Stone Church Road under a full moon. Across from the old stone church and grave yard there is a large pasture.
I was in my 1976 Chevy Nova and glanced to my left and noticed a large black horse running neck and neck, keeping perfect pace with me. He ran the length of the pasture as I drove about 30 miles an hour.
At the far end of the road going towards Finleyville is a 90 degree bend in the road to the left. You must almost come to a stop to negotiate the bend. In fact I have seen on two occasions where cars could not make the bend and crashed into the front yard and wall of a house located on the bend.

As I reached the bend, I turned to get a last look at this beautiful horse. But when I did, he was nowhere to be seen. There was no way he could have reached the woods on the far end of the meadow in the time that it took for me to look back.
In the full moon, I could survey the entire field and it was empty. A few years later, I told this to an older friend of mine who surprisingly recounted the same exact story that he experienced, but 12 years earlier than my own.
Years later, I read in the Pittsburgh press about a Civil War soldier on horseback that haunts that road. I never did see any body on that horse's back, but I saw that black stallion as plain as day, except that it was at night. . - Ghost picture submitted by A

Comment by Bunky :
Omg! I can't believe my son found this story. Around 5 years ago, our family of 6 were driving home from Pleasant Hills, on Christmas day. It was snowing and the roads were totally snow-covered. As we were passing the cemetery that is pictured on this page, we all saw this young boy, probably teenager, walking up the hill along the cemetery.
He was dressed in what we all thought looked like Civil War garb and was carrying a bugle. It was the craziest thing, and we were all bewildered as to where the boy would possibly be going and why he would be dressed that way, and all alone on Christmas day.
I wanted to turn around to see him again but because of the bad weather we just kept going. So for all these years since, when we pass that cemetery, I always joke about the apparition of the Civil War boy, and that is what it was..

A joke, never in a million years thinking anything different, but now after reading this other story, I wonder! .

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