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Yes I see orbs in my house also. The house that I live in now is in Gap, Pa is haunted. I like it because I am interested in the unknown and paranormal. I lived at this house for 7 years now. At first it bothered me. Spirits and ghost cannot hurt you. They go away in time. And yes I had to put these spirits or ghost to rest. Anybody interested in this subject, please email me at dienner5430 @gmail .com. - Ghost picture submitted by Daryl


We live in Gap, PA in a trailer behind Apple Auto Sales. We heard people walking around in our kitchen, and I think we have like four ghost in our house. The little girl spirit plays with my kids toys, and she plays with my kids. She talks to them every night. I know our trailer is haunted. I think they died here some in the house and some on the grounds. I think the grounds are sour. There's even native Americans that are haunting these ground, and two little girls drowned in a well here, but we can't find it. It is here though. Anyway the whole area of Gap, Pa is haunted. - Ghost picture submitted by The Jackson family 17527

Comment by Observer:
So the ghosts 'talks' to your kids. These are not ghosts of the dead. They are demons! If you love your kids either get the hell out of that trailer or command them in the name of Jesus to leave.

Comment by miss m.:
Please don't let past comment by observer freak you out, sounds to me like your family is not being hurt, could be just ghost children. Demons? You got to be kidding.

Comment by Cassie:
Miss M don't label the other commenters here. I have looked into this ''ghost'' issue and Observer is right.

Comment by Coutney:
I'm having a hard time finding the ghost in the picture. Can you describe what I should be looking at?.

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