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I live in an apartment building on South Mercer Street in Greenville, PA. I was told it used to be one big house. I was told by that it was a one big house and had a big family of children. That was what the maintenance man told me anyway. There are four apartments, two upstairs and two downstairs. I've lived in two out of the four. I lived first in the one downstairs which is beautiful. The kitchen has a huge wooden bar. I still do love that place. After we moved out I became friends on Facebook with the people that moved in.

When I lived there I felt an over whelming presence. I always felt I was being watched. I would see a little girl's face like she was hiding and looking at us around the corner of the bar. In the mudroom the lights would flicker, and it looked like a child messing with us. It was hard to ignore, but I tried to ignore or try to logically explain what I was seeing, but how can you? Also my kids' shoes would go missing. I was told by the upstairs neighbor at the time that the people before us experienced the same things, so I didn't feel like it was just my imagination. When I was in the kitchen alone at night I felt very uneasy.

One night around midnight I was making a snack for my boyfriend, and I hated going to the kitchen alone at night, but I put on my big girl panties and went in the kitchen. I was making peanut butter toast. With my back to the living room, I started hearing footsteps. I ignored it, telling myself ''it's just an old house, or I'm hearing the neighbors''. I went about my business, and I kept hearing it getting closer until it was or felt like it was behind me. Then I heard this demonic sounding growl. I froze then ran as fast as I could back to our bedroom. I was terrified.

My boyfriend just looked at me like ''are you crazy?'' I told him I would never go out there alone at night again. I told him what happened, but of course he didn't believe me. He hadn't seen the things I've head or felt, so he told me it was just me being paranoid because it was a new place. After that I kind of was getting used to things. I was able to be alone without having to leave or go outside. Then one day I was taking selfies on my phone. I was going through them and I froze. I caught what looked like an old woman or man in the kitchen. It looked like another they were together. There were other faces and a little girl as well that I didn't notice. Everyone that saw my picture noticed something new. They pointed faces and other ghost. To say the least it was creepy, and I couldn't explain it.

That place amazed me. I didn't mention the one bedroom that had wooden shelves all around it. There were plenty of outlets also in the room. There was one rectangular black window. It wasn't a window to outside if you looked through you could see another room with boxes piled up, but there was no way to get in inside or out. A blocked of room? Also there was a hidden room you can get in. It looks like a wall, but it's a door to where the water tank and breaker box are. There's a crawl space probably leading to that secret room. I didn't know that until the people that live there now showed me. Speaking of the woman that moved in after we left that I was friend with on facebook, I had to ask if she experienced anything. It was weird, and her answer was yes. She wasn't even a believer in those things, but that place changed her mind. She caught a picture too, so the place made her believe in spirits, I guess. I wasn't the only one; she was the second or third person that experienced things.

Four years later the place we lived at the time caught fire, and we lost pretty much everything. We ended up moving back to this the same building as before, but now we live upstairs. Instead of our old apartment there were two big apartments and two smaller ones. We moved to the bigger one, and this place was crazy too. It was like a maze at first. It was a two-bedroom, but it was huge. The back room was like its own apartment with a bathroom and huge walk in closet. We made that the kids' room. There was plenty of space for them. There were eight closets in total; why so many? Who knows. Closets in closets?

Our bedroom we call the roof room. I had never seen a room like it. It was what looks like shingles like a roof but inside around the wall it makes the ceiling look higher. Then there was this weird room in the middle of the apartment with a huge vanity looking mirror with bright lights like a dressing room, like people did makeup or got ready for a show. It was off the kitchen, and there was a big glass mirror, but the other side was not a mirror but what looks like a wall with marble looking swirls. It was black, but you can see a reflection. I'm not sure how to explain, it but it was not a big room with no door. It was just off the kitchen and hallway. This room makes no sense, but it was cool.

When I first moved in I felt a little weird, but I didn't feel like I did when I lived downstairs even though I loved living there. It was nice, the nicest place I've ever lived. In one closet there was green wallpaper that was soft. You can tell it was old just so odd. In that closet was another closet. It was weird, and I wasn't complaining. I was happy to have a place to live after the fire, so we ended up becoming friends with the downstairs neighbors that lived in our old place. Of course I asked the question, and you bet that they too had seen and felt things downstairs where we used to live. They would be the third family that I've heard experienced the same things. It was haunted; it had to be. The neighbors and I became close; we have the same name, by the way. Both of our brothers are named Nathaniel also. We both spent a lot of time in the bathroom. It was like we both hung out a lot in there. I used to spend most of my time in there. It felt safe. There are two bathrooms, so if someone had to go, I told them to use the small one, which was creepy. There are a lot of similarities between us. It was strange. Certain members of our families shared the same birthdays, and we had a lot in common.

We felt like we were meant to be here. It felt like we were supposed to do something why else would we both be there and all the similarities? And we both felt a little girl was stuck. We wanted to help anything that maybe couldn't move on. Now we've been on a mission to find more out about the house who lived here? Who was the original owner? How old was this place? It's unknown when you look it up. Our landlord has cancer and is trying to sell all his properties, which is a lot, so we have tried to find the date this place was built and who was the original owner. We have to pay to get information which I plan on doing since the historical society isn't open until June or August, and we want answers now.

I just need to wait to get the extra money. I'm obsessing over it, and I can't stop thinking about it. I feel like I'm crazy. Something came over me one day up in my apartment. Something told me to invite any spirits good or bad. Why I would invite anything bad? I don't know. I feel I was tricked. I thought I was helping. I thought I could get rid of the bad thing keeping the kids here because we all thought maybe kids were trapped and couldn't move on. That's what we decided that something was keeping souls hostage. I was wrong. I'm not strong enough to fight whatever I invited. Ever since I said that we've been catching things in pictures and videos every time we take one.

I hear whispers and see faces everywhere. It's so strange upstairs never felt so creepy before maybe a feeling or a glimpse of a shadow but not like downstairs when I lived there. I was always freaked out now. Up here feels worse than it did down there. We think maybe we're on top of a burial of some kind. It would explain all the faces in the pictures. We tried debunking and explored all explanations for our pictures and videos, but there's too much evidence to say it's just dust or lighting or the camera is messing up.

I'm convinced it's trapped souls. The stories I've heard about this place are that people did satanic rituals, had orgies, and performed sacrifices. They said all the little closets and rooms were for the kids, so you wouldn't hear their cries for help while they were being abused, so a lot of doors were opened. If we are on top of a graveyard, then everything makes. Since pictures we have of spirits of children and the clearest picture I have of an old man and another man, it looks like they're holding down or torturing a little boy with amputated arms. It was the first picture I got after I invited things in.

The picture is terrifying more so because in it it looks like my son, and it's not him. He's beside me in the picture, and what's scarier is he looks mutilated. His face looks like it was cut then stitched back up like the ghost messed with the picture of him. He was in the dressing room or whatever you want to call it with me. Everyone else was outside or downstairs. I felt the need to take a picture in the mirror facing down the hallway towards the kids' room, but my son was beside me. I didn't think anything of him until I saw how he looked in the picture. It was like his face was deformed. He looked messed up. Something made him look like that. It threatened my child is what it seemed like. I couldn't explain it.

Nothing has happened. Thank god. We got sage, and we prayed and told the bad spirits they are not welcome, but I can still feel something bad. It feels heavy; it comes and goes. Some days you can feel more than others, but it's always there. My boyfriend believes me now. He's seen it with his own eyes. Pictures don't lie, and they can't be faked. You can tell when it's faked. It's so obvious.

We want to help them if they are trapped, but we know we can't handle this thing that seems possibly demonic. It's too strong for us. We have tried asking if they needed help but got no answer. I started thinking whatever is here made us think it was a kid needing help to move on because nothing moved on or tried communicating. I'm scared every time I'm alone for long periods. Now I feel like the whispers start, and I feel really like not threatened but intimidated. - Ghost picture submitted by Hl

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Where is the haunted house located? The address? Asperytracy01 @ gmail. com.

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