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There is a home in Lewistown, PA that for 3 years now the family has been suffering through hauntings and seeing shadow figures and actual figures in their home. As well as being hit, pushed and hearing family members' voices calling out to them when they are not there..
The whole family, mom, dad, and kids have had experiences.. The photos that are shot in the home show the evidence is there.. You will see in the pictures I have posted here, this is recently this year a month or less ago...
You will see a couple by the wall below the steps and you will see a girl on the stairs looking out.. None of his children are around at the time.. And none of the family are around that area.. Dad is taking the picture..

But this is what is in the house. These entities open and close doors, meow like the kitties they own, when they know where all the kitties are, behind closed doors they meow like a cat.. And of course the family does not tempt fate, they don't open the door.
There have been black shadows from the basement to the living room. There have been many ghostly people as well. The attic is very active. As can be the basement. They have been hit inside the house and outside the house.
They have been scratched, they have had poses in the house.. A spirit acting as a person of the house to lure the other family member to danger. The spirits will speak to them. Or sound like the loved ones in the house.

There is one family member that will not visit until they move out of the home as he is afraid to.. He feels the entities as very strong and will hurt him, he may be right. They have had investigators in.
To nothing being done. They have had the house blessed, it does not work. What they need is a demonologist. But we have contacted many and to no avail, we have not found one yet to answer our pleadings to come and see the home.
And investigators either lose the information or don't show up or they get so scared after being in the house for a couple of hours they run.. Literally and most of them never come up with any new information or help to rid of these spirits in the home.

They all ready know what is in the home for the most part.. They want to get rid of it. Or figure out a way how to live with these spirits in peace. So this is my story this house does exist. It has a neighbor attached to it, but they ignore the things in their home as just normal and not paranormal.
I am attaching two pictures of the living room area and the stairs you can see there are things there.. Humans a man and woman look like they are dancing. A girl on the stairs looking out over things and an evil looking little thing next to the girl..
We don't know what that is but it is nasty looking. This is not pixels.. This is real.. The second photo you will see the couple starting to vanish.. You can only see their legs and the rest of them are gone and these pictures are taken one right after the other..

If you have any ideas or want to help us solve this problem you can write me at: Mainelady207@yahoo. Com put into the subject line: Pa haunting... This way I won't delete it and if it gets put into my junk mail I can see it right off the bat..
Put Pa haunting in big letters.. Not small thanks and only serious inquiries please if you really cannot help this family then don't bother.. No thrill seekers thanks :). - Ghost picture submitted by Lynne'

Comment by I've seen things:
Did you try signs above all the windows and doors like the ones with horse and horse shoes and put to holy stones at front door and back door.

Comment by Bri:
I also see a skeletal face through the door on the wall in the next room. I see a child with glowing eyes by the banister. And also I see the face in your arrows. Wow. Very very scary.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by Lynne'

Comment by anonymous:
Do you not see the man in the door frame peeking from the right side of the door? Or is this a live person (or family member) who lives there?.

Comment by Bri:
The longer I look the more I see. There is also an older gentleman sitting against the wall on the right hand side of the ''dancing'' photo. He is looking upward, and you can clearly see his face facial hair and all. Insane! I hate that screaming face on the stairs. I'm traumatized just from the photos! Good luck!.


The question is do you believe in shadow people, if so you are just like me. I have spotted a shadow person before. I was sleeping over at my cousins' house one time and I had to bunk with one of my cousins, and she also had a friend over so we stayed up all night. All of a sudden we heard a loud crash I the back yard. So we shut off all the lights and we peeked outside and we all could see some sort of shadow standing up and it looked like a figure of a person, but it didn't have face and it was see through.
Also another shadow person showed up right next to the window and it looked at us, after that we never went outside. - Ghost picture submitted by Nanas

Comment by Jermaine:
Where is this tree located?.

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I live in a house in Lewistown that was the Yohn convalescent home in the 50' and 60's. Since we have moved in 4 years ago strange things have been happening. A shirt flying across the room, kids toys turning on and moving while no one is near them (happens when the kids are in trouble).
Even the neighbors noticing our back door curtain being closed and then open while we are not home(I have closed it one night 4 times). I have no explanation for these events but there is a strange feeling here.
A couple of weeks ago I turned on my webcam and saw this behind me and took the picture. Don't know if it is real or not but I did nothing to doctor up the pic. . - Ghost picture submitted by Jason

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