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Hi there are a lot of pictures that we saw here. We want to know what they mean and why we are seeing them. There would be some time when I'm at home I sometimes see thing that is not right. I sometime see a child walking around. I want to know what is going on at my house. Sometimes when I am in my room something falls to the floor when no one is close to it. My questions are what it means and why us. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Daniel:
I am the lead investigator / demonologist of DRTW Investigations (Dream Rather Than Worry) I would like to discuss this with you and gain more information. Also if interested in having someone come out and investigate we are more than willing to help.
Everything is kept anonymous unless otherwise granted permission. You can contact me at drtwinvestigations @gmail. com or at 570 506 0121 call or text is fine.

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