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Dating back to 2001 in our attic in Natrona Heights we've heard sounds in the room. I'll make an attempt starting with saying I lived in Tennessee at the time and the attic had been vacant for weeks to explain what my entire family and most of our friends have experienced.
I have a very creaky bed which is right above our couch in our living room. My sisters really missed me and my sisters were laying on the couch and are familiar w/the sound of me rolling out of bed and heading toward the door and walk down the steps.
They heard what they described as (steel toed boots ) walking across the floor stopping at the door and pacing back and forth. Another time there were two of my friends here and my sisters making 5 of us that heard a very large boom that lifted all of us out of our seats.

We assumed something big had fallen. Upon an inspection nothing of any weight had fallen... Except for a set of religious figurines my mom owns that we found out of the nativity scene she owns.
I slept up there all my life and as child for some reason felt so relaxed there but other times extremely upset sometimes bursting into tears for no reason at all. One last one is a story that both my sister and I share; identically.
There are 2 sides to this room and windows in each I was going to bed one night placing my wallet on the stand that's still there in the photo of the room I'll enclose and looked up @the window. In the reflection I can see a figure crouched down against the wall in the style would be in if your back were against the wall.

Assuming it was my live-in g/f I turned and around the black shadow bolted into the wall. For my sisters' version email her at Amandarea55@yahoo. Com she'll be more than willing to oblige. We have at least 20 people w/stories and swear on their lives; they're true.
We still to this day hear creeks bangs and eerie noises and we just look at each other shrug and :). - Ghost picture submitted by Gregoryscott

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