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  I lived in a house on South Empire St for 9 years. Sometimes I saw a little girl, she seemed about twelve. One night my sister saw her and she thought it was me who woke her up to ask her to play.
Then one night I had a dream that there was girl at her parents wedding which was at my house and there was a lake. She told her story of how she used to ice skate on the lake when it froze but once her sister fell into the lake because ice was thin and she died.
Their mother blamed the girl for letting her skate on thin ice. The girl told me at her parent's wedding someone shoved her into the lake. She said she looked to see who pushed her and saw her sister's ghost and her mother.
Then she
    shoved me into the lake but the water at first parted but then something kept me floating above the land and I couldn't touch my brothers and sisters. Then the girl told me to play solitaire but only gave me three cards.
Earlier that day I randomly pulled those same three cards and they equaled 22. Then in my dream a bee got in my ear and she said
it didn't sting that time, maybe this time it will but I woke up and I was lying on my kitchen floor with a knife near my ear.

Later the next day my sister kept falling asleep and waking up, then one night she told my mom this is your house and my mom said she knew. Then my sister said twenty one and fell back asleep. That same night I was choking in my sleep.

I woke up to see a girl kneeling by my bed and said give me the stone. I didn't know what she was talking about. Later that day I found a blue stone. Then the girl came back. She said she would kill my family one by one until I gave her the stone.
She still talks to me but this is still the same day that I found the stone. She
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