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  I would like to be anonymous as this is my current job. I work at a store on Garner's Ferry Road. When we close at night I straighten items on shelves.  
  I do a final walk through the store and I find that items are moved/messed up after I just straightened them.
I will also hear someone walking around
  a nearby aisle but I look and no one is there. I also get a strong feeling that I am being watched.
Submitted by Anonymous

  Categories: store, road

Delta Drive / Mill Creek haunting. I used to live directly behind Mill Creek Elementary School in southeast Columbia right off of Garners Ferry Road on Delta Drive. From our backyard you could see the gym doors. In fact our backyard fence separated the playground. One night while babysitting my younger cousins around 1:30 am I was shocked to hear muffled sounds coming from another room. I walked in to see who or what it was to find a TV on by itself (it had been off). My cousins were all asleep in another room. Suddenly I felt a cold chill in the house, which was odd since no one had adjusted thermostat. After checking on my cousins and leaving their door cracked, several seconds later I looked up and see the door was now a lot more opened than I had left. That door didn't move on its own, nor did anyone open it. I became overwhelmed with a sense of fear or uneasiness. I went outside and called a friend while looking inside of our window and could see what appeared like a dark ''shadowy'' figure inside. It was almost as if it were looking around lurking. I went back inside and lay in the room with my sleeping cousins and yelled out loud ''go away! Leave me alone!'' Despite being in a dark room there was the feeling of an even darker presence staring right at me between the doorway. I began to pray out loud and closed my eyes, which for me is not common. In particular there was a hallway that always gave off a bad ''vibe'' for some of us. It just seemed darker like a sense of fear would overcome you. It wasn't always like this but enough - that spooked feeling - over nothing. Although while living there you had the sense you weren't alone. Sometime later (months) possibly on a sunny day I was in the backyard on the phone and caught the image of someone staring directly at me from the gym doors of Mill Creek which faced our house. School was out; the figment I saw wasn't staff or student. My cousins were outside playing with friends in the neighborhood that day. After several minutes of looking away and still seeing them I flipped them the bird. I didn't see any detail no face or color, just dark silhouette of a person. Only after waving my middle finger did I see the figure walking away from the door as if walking down hallway inside of the school. Instantly I felt that had been the same shadow figure inside of our house previously. It was familiar feelings.
My cousins would never sleep in the back bedroom of the Delta Drive house (which was theirs) opting instead to crash in another room or make pallets on the floor. They never admitted until years later they were creeped out. I'm not sure if whatever it was happened to visit our house on its own or if it has ties with land or school at all, but whatever inhabited that house was dark. It even affected our families, personalities, relationships, and behavior. A lot of turmoil and fighting and all around negativity. There was definitely bad luck across the board while living there.
  Submitted by Mike

       Categories: cold_chill, eyes, phone, hill, silhouette

We lived in the Columbia area all my life. Never have I ever been a real scary person but when I moved into my first home of my own after going in the first time ever to clean it thoroughly I hung a porcelain crucifix in my bathroom on a wall across from the sink and finished up for the night. As I was walking out the door I turned out all the lights and locked the door.

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