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Pickens, South Carolina

Pickens, South Carolina

Pickens, South Carolina

Pickens, South Carolina

Pickens, South Carolina

Pickens, South Carolina
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At the end of Onyx Lane in Easley, South Carolina, there is a graveyard that has long been covered by dirt and gravel. All the tombstones have fallen over the years and are buried just beneath the dirt. Unless you knew it one would never know it was there. I lived in a house at the end of the road for a year before I found out about it. The road was paved leading to the end and then turned to a dirt. It was scattered gravel driveway with a larger circle of ground where cars could actually drive around where the graveyard once was. Like I said it was a year before I found out for myself about the little cemetery.

From day one we would hear noises in our basement that would wake us from sleep, usually a loud thud or crash, and it was always at 4:00 am. When I would investigate the basement nothing was found. Nothing turned over. I found no animals running around and nothing disturbed. This in itself was not too strange until one day I spoke with a lady that lived on the other side of the graveyard. I had not made much contact with my neighbors until I found out the story of the graveyard. This is how I found out about it. A friend of mine had come to visit me one day and brought his son-in-law with him. His son-in-law would not come in the house. He told us a story about how as a young boy he would visit his school pal who lived in my house and spend the night there. He said when he was visiting back then he heard of the graveyard and sure enough after scratching up the dirt found the grave markers and tombstones buried. He said they would hear strange noises at night, usually early in the morning around 3 or 4 am. I had not mentioned what I had heard to my friend or his son-in-law. He said the house gave him the creeps and went to sit in the car while my friend visited.

Once I found out about the hidden graveyard the next day I investigated it myself. I took a rake and after some effort found a tombstone. Even after this my story gets stranger. I saw my neighbor unloading groceries and went out to help her. She was a black lady who lived in the house across from us. She lived with her husband who I hardly saw. He worked the third shift and slept days. Their house was down a hill, and from my house you could not actually see their house. As I was helping her I asked her if she knew we were standing on a graveyard. Her car was parked over it. She looked at me with surprise and said ''that explains a lot. '' When I asked her what she meant. This is what she told me. She said that some nights she could not sleep and would often get up to get a drink of water. One night around 4 am she said she heard growling and noises coming from her driveway. She went to her front porch and looked up the hill but could not see anything. So she started climbing the steps leading up the hill to the driveway and was shocked at what she saw. Sitting in an almost perfect circle around where I showed her the graveyard was 10 to 12 dogs all staring at the area where the hidden cemetery was. At the time she did not know the graveyard was there. The dogs were growling at some unseen thing. A few were just whimpering. She tried to shoe the dogs away, but they all just ignored her. She returned to her house and did not sleep the rest of the night. She said she was not scared but just had a strange feeling about the dogs. She went on to tell me more.
On one of her late night trips to the kitchen she said she was drinking her water at the kitchen sink. Then she noticed movement in her back yard. After letting her eyes adjust to the night she saw through the kitchen window what she described as a dozen or so men all dressed in long black coats and wearing top hats. She said that was the best she could describe. The strange thing about it was that she was not scared. As she watched, the men started walking around her house headed to the front yard. She went to the front window on the other side of the house and watched the men walk up the hill not using the steps. As they reached the top of the hill, she could tell they were standing at the area where the buried cemetery was. She said under the street light she could plainly see some of the men who had their backs to her. Still she did not feel any fear and decided to go up there to see what they wanted. As she walked out her front door, she could see them up there. However, as she started to climb the steps, they just vanished in a split second. Needless to say now she was scared and quickly went back to her house. She locked the doors and sat there until daybreak.

As strange as all this sounds she was very convincing, but it gets stranger still. When her husband came in the next morning she told him about the sightings. She told him about the dogs and about what she saw that night at 4 am in the morning. She knew she had not dreamed it because she stayed up the rest of the night. Thinking her husband would not believe her she was shocked when he did not act surprised. Instead he told her that he knew about them and that he had seen them too. It was then she found out that her husband could ''see things most people cannot. '' He told her he had always been able to see spirits, both good ones and bad ones. He told her that usually good spirits will let you see them, but bad ones will hide in the shadows. He told her not to be alarmed if she saw them again. She told me that finding out about the little cemetery made more sense about her sightings. She said she would tell her husband what I told her. We moved out a week later, and I never got to speak to her again. As far as I know the hidden cemetery is still there buried just beneath the dirt.
Submitted by Donnie

Comment by Rodney: I have lived on this street my entire life. So many unexplained things have happened and I know there's something else here. Lately things have gotten a lot more active. Doors opening and closing on their own unexplained knocking on my walls, my bedroom door actually locked after I had left the room on several occasions.


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