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Ware Shoals, South Carolina

Ware Shoals, South Carolina

Ware Shoals, South Carolina

Ware Shoals, South Carolina

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  I lived in Ware Shoals years ago off Indian Mound Road back in the woods, and let me tell you I've seen some pretty scary stuff back there. I've seen the ghosts back there and heard cackling type noises also.
Submitted by Paul


My father grew up in Ware Shoals. He was raised by his mother because his father walked out on the family when he was a small boy. It was his mother and four other siblings that lived with him in the old two story white house. The house was off the road, and neighbors were not within ''hollering'' distance. The land the house sat on had once been Indian land. It was not unusual to find arrow heads and other artifacts that confirmed this fact. Being a single uneducated mother in depression times was difficult and dangerous, but my grandmother had a shot gun over her mantle, and she knew how to use it. As a matter of fact, I heard that she did use it on numerous occasions to run would-be thieves that had intentions of taking a few of her chickens. There was another house on grandma's property. I heard that she had once lived in it too. It was a two-story log cabin house that was down the path and towards the river.
As a child I remember my cousins and I liked to play in the old abandoned house. In front of the house was a huge tree, and around the tree was an indentation. One day coming back from swimming in the river my daddy stopped and walked over to the tree. He pointed out the unusual indentation around the tree almost looked like the old tree had worn a belt. Daddy began to tell of the pretty young Indian girl that had once lived in the old house as a helper to the owner's wife who was in poor health. The young girl would sometimes walk the path by my grandmother's house on the way to the road to where she would retrieve the mail from the rural mail box. As there was a shortage of things to entertain yourself with, my grandmother would take her place on the porch in the evening after the dinner dishes had been washed and sterilized. There she would sit in the quiet of early evening and enjoy the cool breeze that was welcomed after the heat of the day had subsided. It was a peaceful place and a good place to be.

However, things were going on just a short distance from grandma's house that would disturb the peace she so enjoyed. You have to remember that this happened back in the country. It was the time before people in that area even had electricity. There certainly were no street lights. The only lights around those parts were given off by kerosene lanterns. The old log cabin down the path from grandma's house was not visible at night. She sat on the porch after watering her plants that surrounded her in coffee cans. The crickets and frogs along with a few whippoorwills was a type of therapy for this lady doing her best to raise her family alone. The kids were all in bed, and this was ''her time''. The still of the night would be interrupted by the bark of a small dog. The little dog had been heard many times before and either my grandmother or one of her sons would reach for the shotgun and go out to see what was going on. Sometimes she would point the gun up in the air and fire to scare the dog off. She figured he was trying to get one of her chickens. Tonight the little dog ran up the path and passed right in front of her porch. He seemed as if he was scared, and his barking became louder and louder. It was different from the barking dog she was used to hearing. She got the feeling something was terribly wrong. The dog ran back toward the old log cabin. Things got quiet again, and grandmother finally got up and went inside. She took her braids down, washed her face, put on her gown, and went to bed. It would have been nice if she had air conditioning, but she did not. The only air that came in was through the open windows. Just before she fell off to sleep she heard the sounds of a lady crying. She sat up in bed, listening and trying to figure out what was going on. The cry became more of a whimper, and grandma got up to peek out the open window. Thank goodness the moon was up and gave a small amount of illumination to the otherwise dark night. In the shadows of the log cabin she saw two figures. It was possible to know what was happening, and eventually things got quiet. It was very quiet, and grandma got back in bed and went to sleep.

The next morning she was up early as usual getting started on her daily chores of which one was getting water from the well at the back of the house. As she rounded the corner of the house she was startled to see the figure of a small woman followed by the same little dog she had seen the night before. Grandmother called out to her and asked what she was doing. The lady turned and looked at my grandma at which time she and the little dog vanished into thin air. I know this is true because I have heard my father and all of his family tell the story many times. A few months went by, and my daddy and his brothers were going to the river to fish when they saw something strange. As they got closer to the old tree they saw what looked like human bones, a few remnants of a dress, and the skull of a dog. Wrapped around the tree was a chain. No one really knows what happened that night, but my grandmother never forgot it. She could still remember the lady and dog she saw by the well that simply vanished.

What my daddy did remember was that every time they watched the tree grow bigger and bigger through the years, and as the tree grew larger it engulfed the chain as if to swallow it along with the mystery of how it got there. After I grew up I had a yearning to go back to grandma's old place. I had heard the man that bought the property could be difficult, but when I introduced myself he let me go on the property and look around. The beautiful old house looked much the same but had become a storage place and was no longer lived in. As I looked down at the old log house I could not go down there because there were some cows grazing in the fields. I really wanted to see if the old tree was still standing. I may never know, but I do know that on many occasions the young lady and her dog were seen walking in the wee hours of the morning. If you called out to her, she and the dog vanished. My father and his brothers and sister went to their grave declaring that this really happened.

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